Tuesday, November 1

John writes

Hope you are well. I am enjoying the window into your world. Your stone is coming to life, better watch it closely. I am not sure if the world is on course to meet its next appointment, what do you think? The lakes are shrinking as are the days.
When venus was at the midpoint of scorpio las week a young deer strangled itself in the soccer nets at our school. Not one to ignore a sign, i skinned and burned the skin for peppering the land. Likewise with a gopher skin that had been on ice since last spring. Spoons and bowls are coming along. The new garden is shaping itself on the hill. I will take some photos.
It is Haloween but i have no desire to venture into the night.

Peace, john


Comment: What do you mean with " ...not sure if the world is on course to meet its next appointment." Which appointment? ?
Cheers, Zee.


Zee said...

"Venus at the midpoint of Scorpio..."
Ah, now it makes all sense what happens to me lately.
Love combined with sexual extremety; it's a killing course to go.
Of course the combination of Mars and Scorpio would even be more dreadful.
Those stars I tell you, can't completely ignore them...

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »