Sunday, November 6

Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay - insisted on waiting for results of the next World Trade Organization meeting in Hong Kong next month before any agreement to this "free trade agreement" of US intrersts. Well, good for them, the bunch of countries above are larger and vaster if combined then the United States.
Riots by anti-Bush protesters marked the opening of the summit in the resort town of Mar del Plata on Friday. You know if I've been there, I might have as well joined the protest, though I doubht I would smash windows; I am too fragile and old for that kind of stuff :)
The leaders were hoping to produce a summit declaration which could call for relaunching talks on the proposed FTAA - an idea raised in 1994 at the first Americas summit in Miami.
But the BBC's James Coomarasamy reports that it was an awkward meeting for Mr Bush - who had to listen to his host, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, publicly blame American-backed economic policies for his country's ills.
Now there you go, not has Bush only zero success in his own country, but when he travells abroad it gets even worse.

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