Thursday, November 24

Set the table

probably the most proliferate of holidays in the US, more so than Hanukah - Christmas and all the others.
Somewhat bizarre if you think about it. Thanksgiving is based on the event where the pilgrims and the indians shared their bounty in peace. Thereafter the slaughter of the "red-nation" took its inevitable course, killing more American Indians than Hitler managed to gas Jews.
Let's not ponder about the past too long. But how is Thanksgiving celebrated today? Families gather and share their "what"???? Thanksgiving has almost escalated to a consumer frenzy of not only stuffing the turkey, but stuffing yourself with obese amounts of food.
The spirit of Thanksgiving is centered around a bird, the turkey. A peaceful creature.
America has presently centered around the spirit of the eagle; a less peaceful creature.
Time will come when the "turkey" will get its honored space again.
In the mean time it is snowing in our neck of the woods, "white thanksgiving" perhaps a good omen.

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