Sunday, November 20

affair of completion

it is interesting, I salvaged the ice cover in a bucket that was standing overnight in the now chilly nights. A maple leaf froze perfectly.

I made myself comfortable in a new room at Sunbridge. It is still a bit bare, but that will change in time. Last weeks work for maintenance at "Three Fold" was good. I feel my life-juices coming back due to the opportunity of using my body, doing some physical work again. And the sweet thing is, that it is not me who has to decide what has to be done. I guess some of us go through those periods in life, where we call all the shots (freelance) and then go back to a frame of mind where others or an employment structure is invited to tell you what to do. It's like a sinus-curve, a frequency that has to go up and down in a harmonious rhythm - or into the red, then into the blue, then repeat itself. The failure of many things we try to achieve in life is due to our stubbornness not to truthfully "ride" these waves, go with a good flow as they say. We tend to get stuck on an oscillating entity that serves us well in the moment and secretly we hope so much that it will last forever (or at least a long time) until we realize that the next rejuvenating "wave" has already passed us by...
Metamorphosis, transition, change, in a fluid though still linear way - is embracing the reality of our earth-existence.
The "spiritual path" of each individual is an whole other story, let's not get into that now, though I do feel compelled to remark before I close, that the "spiritual-path" has nothing to do with a linear approach - it is omnidirectional.

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