Wednesday, November 23


Some of you might know the teacher William Ward, he works at Hawthorne Valley where Walli is teaching as well.
He had a lump removed last week from his brain. They don't quite know yet if it was cancerous. We'll cross our fingers and send him healing thoughts. In any case below letter is from him, dated November 22. I thought it to be an appropriate Thanksgiving contribution.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

What would you do if you received the tremendous outpouring of love that rose like the West Wind and came in my direction? I reflect it back to you, and say with a big smile on my face, "Thank you from the center of my heart."

My family thanks you with me for your 10,000 kindness, prayers, offer of help, and practical goodness. Thank you especially for the great Prayer Wheel. We are friends. We are community. All our relatives are here! Thanksgiving!

In honor of your gift of love to me there is a gift I make, my gift of love to you. These gifts are each other's mirror. And we realize that everyone is in the sunlight, including William, who feels, "God, I love this place. Look how people treat you when you need a friend! Anyone would do anything, day or night, to help out!"

Let us all pass through this circle - the loving embrace of our friends. When the chips are down, the food chain starts!

Love to each of us from each of us
(you do the geometry)

I have been given a gift.I am Scrooge reborn. (I know it's hard to think of me that way). I am living in silence and growing thankfulness in my heart and home. We will find a time to share. But right now, I am keeping a peacful center. Oh, the beauty of Thanksgiving!

Your friend, William

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