Saturday, January 13


Some years ago I carved a headstone (grave-yard-stone) for a girl that died of cancer - and she was only nine years old.
Today I am thinking of all the children who died or got maimed by other causes around the globe. Mostly due to violence of adults, fighting wars that seem to be a priority in their minds.
It still is incomprehensible to me that violence is the major religion on this globe and that people don't seek betterment. Is greed and dominance that important? I start to believe that the humans are the stupidest animals around, going down the road of self-extinction by their lack of cognitive cooperation. It is pretty sad actually.
Instead of diligent research into causes of cancer, they ban cigarette smoking and keep the dirty coal-plants burning.
Instead of eliminating causes of terrorism, they fight wars that create more anger and terror.
Instead of converting to alternative energies, they keep producing gas guzzling cars.
Instead of using intelligence, they provide gut feeling homophobia.

It seems that the human animal only learns being faced with death and catastrophes, and even then it is a questionable success. Politics, religion and cooperate greed of the capitalist system are the main culprits of our demise.
The children of the future, our future, depend on us.
Let us make an effort and give them and us a chance!


Ingrid said...

Zee, the minority who are behind the wars, the instigations, etc, are just as bad as the majority who either follow them, or who absolve themselves from looking past the obvious of what goes on. "I was only following orders" or other versions thereof, should not be accepted anymore. As I mentioned in my latest post, so much information is out there that will tell you who is behind certain wars/issues and why, and how the environment is changing the W5's of that, there is no excuse left. It now depends on people being enlightened either because it is in their nature, or because they experience an awakening of sorts. Karl Marx considered religion to be opium for the people and I am starting to see it. Not that religion is so in and of itself, but religion is just one of the many 'opiate' vehicles that allow people to absolve themselves of taking responsibility for thinking for themselves. Fear and uncertainty rules, and hence, the minority is still in business...literally.
beautiful headstone Zee, you're such an accomplished artist!

calamity said...

how true

how sad

Devils Advocate said...

Could you be a little more blue eyed
please please man ! Get a life !

Zee said...

... you can talk until you are blue in your face, advocate. It will not change my mind.