Thursday, January 11

young hands

Back to clay. Did you know that substantial research has been done that links brain development and its success to the sensible use of the human hands during the years of bodily growth?
Anyhow, this batch of students are 10th graders, using their hands to shape a human head.
They are doing it in local clay from Massachusetts, a very fine product which comes without traces of metals (iron) or silica in it.
With all their testosterone and other evaporations which often end up in silly comments during class, I still love that bunch of young adults. Stretches of long periods of silent and concentrated work were actually also achievable.
Anyhow, I feel I do something real right now, something for the future.
If all goes like planed, I will vanish from the neck of my neighborhood and re-submerge on an island in Maine and work there for a few months; a therapeutic move. I will still stay in touch, just like Gary and a woman, who's name escaped my mind for now.


TheSlyCat said...

That's awesome. Are you an art teacher?

Ingrid said...

awesome..I'm still wondering what kind of art class I should take..
so you're off to a Maine island? Since you don't mind my 'ramblings' , Zee.. I am glad you stay in touch.. I need my regular dose of sunburst!
hugs, and good luck with the albeit temporary, move!

Zee said...

I am planing to do a sculpture workshop the coming summer in my studio, wood-carving and stone-carving. Everyone is invited, beginner, professional and everything in between. Eight participants max ...
I am also toying with the idea to offer a grander scale "art-retreat"on the island I am going to in a few weeks. But that is future talk. I have to scout this out first.

Ingrid said...

hmmm..are you telling me to come up North and join your class? Sounds interesting though..seriously!! Anyhow..let me know what the details would be, you never know!

lindsaylobe said...

Yes, lessons incorporating the use of one‘s hands according to modern day researchers does stimulate new pathways of the brain amongst young people.

It seems likely to me you are providing just the right safe learning environment for them, an encouragement to explore their own creativity, without the dreaded fear of failure. Keep up theses activities wherever you go,for its important we all become less “fearful “ in general. regardless of age !!.
Good luck in your new ventures.
Best wishes

Zee said...

Yes, we all have to become less fearful, fearful of standing our grounds.

You'll bet that I will let you know, and also advertise on this blog once I figured out the details!

Before Sunrise said...

Zee, that sounds wonderful, both the class you are teaching and the retreat to Maine. I wish I could do that, however, school keeps me where I am for now. Let us know if you start something up in Maine :-)

_z. said...

relax, think and write us. as Ingrid said, we need our dose of sunburst every now and then.

Genghis Khan said...

Gee Zus !

Save us from the Well Intentioned !

A m e n

Zee said...

tend to your ponies Genghis Kahn, that's the only thing your mouse brain can handle.