Sunday, January 7

The UN, other culprits - and capital punishement

I liked the old guy, the new one sucks so far. Kofi at least knew the UN charter by heart, his replacement, Ban Ki-moon from South Korea, struggles to comprehend such issues.
He said capital punishment "was for each and every member state to decide" - words that are at odds with the UN's policy of opposing the death penalty.The next two ones you will see executed by a rope, are Saddam's chief judge and the head of the intelligence service.
Whatever, Maliki (the present puppet president in Iraq) said the the hangings are a "domestic affair" for the benefit of Iraq's unity, and adding that the former president Saddam had received a fair trial.

You know what, I don't buy this bullshit anymore - and that concept of a United Nations. It is idle with this new "director" from South Korea who initially embraces the death penalty. S-Korea is not even a fucking country, it's a colony of the United States! Go figure ...
Not much song, "art" and whatnot in this post. But it had to be said. Next post will be sexy, I promise :)


lindsaylobe said...

Yes, Ban Ki-Moon statement was remarkable !!. Not a good start.
The UN’s stance may be idealistic — South Korea and the US are not about to change laws abolishing capital punishment simply because of the UN’s stance on human rights and opposition to the death penalty. However he should be transparent and accountable, a real shocker !!.
I note a growing opinion poll against the ”death penalty” in the US states and a realisation Saddam s’ execution is not going to solve anything.
It seems a hapless UN spokesperson was left to put a spin on it by saying it was his “own nuance.” not the official policy.

I dont know what you would make of that ?

best wishes

Zee said...

I'm not sure what to make of all of this, Lindsay.
What did Pontius Pilatus say, something like: I wash my hands in waters of innocence while watching the mob taking over, ending the ordeal to be the crucifixion of Christ?
It is one thing to kill a criminal in the pursuit while hunting that person down, it is an other thing to perform a state sanctioned killing. Capital punishment has never been a deterrent in my eyes, neither is it a display of superiority, strength or god forbid Democracy.
In the case of Saddam, it was multiple stupid.
He was held in an US controlled prison prior to his hanging, then they released him from there to have "the deed" done. So the US played the role of Pontius Pilatus in this case, the blood is on their hands as well. The "will" of the populus was satisfied ...
But what is left is a mess.
Imagine if the US had insisted to not have him released unless there were guaranties of him not being executed, but instead imprisoned for life. That would have send a strong message! Now the killing spree will continue - forever. What a bummer.
In other words, I would have only frowned if they had killed Saddam on sight when they found him in his hiding place. But state sponsored executions is beyond my tolerance. It stinks of Middle Age witch-hunts. No, capital punishment belongs to the past, and states who do not wish to abolish such measures belong to the past as well.

Meander said...

looking forward to your sexy post!

yes the world continues to be barbaric. we have not evolved very much even with all of our fancy technology and guises of peace and diplomacy. man is still very much an animal in many respects.

Zee said...

you are so right - Meander!

Gary said...

If he said that, he may need a few thousand letters from Amnesty activists. Gotta get on that.

Segue Seoul said...

aummm...south korea IS a country...(here i stand)...with a LONG and COMPLEX history...usa's not the only country to have NOT minded its own biz's part of the ASAIN-GLOBAL TANGLE...attend to any particular knot & the snags, snares and snarls start...Ban's comment was probably his (cultural) way of easing into the job "softly" or "diplomatically"...anyway, give the guy a chance...whether he's a us puppet or whether he actually understands & can deal with the hypersensitivity of the players & their issues remains to be seen...he's said to be a seasoned diplomat...
besides, we're all used to kofi's brand of ch ch changes--

Zee said...

South Korea is like Western Germany before the wall came down ... including one of the largest US military bases abroad the continental United States.
Basically SK is under the thumb of the US for it's existence. Without the troops there, the North would have gobbled up the whole peninsula in a matter of hours.
That's why I said that South Korea is not a "real country".