Saturday, January 27

cut it short


This thin-lipped king with his helmeted head
Remembers the quirky fits of light
That tempt the cobra. No, the temper of the dove
Does not fit him; and nothing in the world
Can bring him to bless. He will not feed,
Nourish or help; in his rabbity hand
Lifted in the fading light of the hemlocks
Waves to them, gestures to the young to die.

Robert Bly

The working class always has to march. It has been this way forever. And then you see the stinking 5% of the ruling class still smoke their Cuban cigars in the back-rooms, exempt from federal non-smoking regulations, while denying that Cuba actually exists.
Anyhow, street demonstrations are done and over with, clear bullshit. They don't change a thing. The only discourse right now is to act locally - and fuck globally....
I don't wish to be a total pessimist, believe me, I'm not. But politicians, even the ones with good intentions get corrupted within a short period of time. There seems to be no escape from this trend. It is a waste of energy (if you have anything of that left) to demonstrate against the Bush administration, and also a waste of time in my eyes.
Instead we should start to create cells of independence, may it be in networking local businesses (we have a local currency where I live in the US, a good start) or just put more effort into sustaining and promoting local assets we already have on our hands.
I am a strong believer that peace can not be obtained through political means anymore within this system we currently are forced to subscribe to.
And even if I don't yet have the final cure, or a quick fix, I still manage to keep an upbeat and positive attitude.
So do you I hope!


Anonymous said...

awesome pic

Disgusted said...

Yuck !

after the hillbilly style
the concentrationcamp look - boy,
you're seriously missing somethin
and it ain't Weetabi

coitus interruptus said...

U feel you can think better now ?

why not shave it all off and
keep your skull polished ?
makes the enemy ache
where it matters ;-)

Zee said...

Thanks Veronica - your comment makes better reading than a disgusted coitus interruptus ...

Meander said...

i think you look wonderful...inquisitive and fresh as a summer breeze.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

Oh my God! Robert Bly is one of my favorite poets! I was reading what you quoted there, and enjoying it, and suddenly, boom! I was hit by the words "Robert Bly"! Have you read Morning Poems?? I've read through that book like 20 times. In addition to all his 60's-70's convoluted stuff.

I know he has published like maybe three books since Morning Poems, but I have not had the chance to go out and get them. I think I will go out and buy them and read them!!

Zee said...

I took the poem out of a book I have that is called:
"The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart" Poems for men
It is edited by and compiled by Ropert Bly, James Hillman and Michael Meade.

That particular poem I posted was actually done during the beginning of the first Gulf war - but I think it fits the present situation (and "junior") as well...

Ingrid said...

Zee, I like the notion of independent cells. I think it's a matter of influencing people around you and creating bigger cells. It does seem to be the only thing left. That, or a good sex scandal, ha! (that always seems to work better than protests, hmmm)
btw..nice picture. I do like it with the short hair, that's the luck with guys, they can get away with it. I did only 10yrs ago, but don't think I could get away with it now..

Gary said...

The Nelson Brewing Company (where I live) has a slogan too:


Go for local sanity - you really can hold local politician's toes to the fire. Also, go for regional independence by supporting the farmers and the arts.

Don't stop voting - even if you have to hold your nose.

I believe in the end, progress and truth holds firm - that's why King George is going down fast.

Go Zee...go!

reverb said...

...zee, good points
I ll think about those
but certainly in most Countries (that arent bigs, like USA)
IS very difficult to locate "adecuated" persons; who can think...


still disgusted per your looks ! said...

Still this Auschwitz look

Zee said...

Who cares about looks when you continuously glance from the wrong angle?
I am Auschwitz, I am Hiroshima, I am Hitler, I am Bush, I am a forlorn African, I am Ghandi, I am Maria Theresa, I am you next door slacker, I am your prostitute, I am your doctor ... I am all that and more - because the pain of humanity weighs on me, all of humanity. I haven't lost my heart yet.
But you my friend, what do you have?