Monday, January 1

the bash of New Years

Hope you all had a splendid new years eve. I spend my time fiddling and improvising on an electric violin in a pub of a red-neck town near by. Drinking a few pints of Newcastle, playing music, having fun. It was OK.
What's going to be for the New Year I ask myself today at the first of January?
I think it is going to be better than 2006, that's all I can say.
As for my New Years resolutions - I'm not gonna tell ya :)


Mone said...

Looking good Zee... Happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

Hey L. you're seem to be really rocking the violin over there. You're some talented human doing!! Happy 2007 and may you educate many wonderful sculpturers.

Dimitri (blogger is giving me a hard time)

Mirvat said...


before sunrise said...

Happy New Year Zee!! Seems you started off well ;-)

May 2007 bring wonderful things to us all!!

it said...

you do new years resolutions?
i never do that.
wait (hope for the best) and see.

Ingrid said...

what a nice picture, it sure looked like fun! So Zee, what instruments can you play? (see, if I ever decide to try to get a blogger gathering together , I'd tell you to bring your instruments)

Zee said...

Thanks, best wishes to Mone, Dimitri, Mirvat, Before Sunrise and Ingrid!
Ingrid, when you get that party going - I play guitar, mandolin and violin ... and I sing.

Gary said...

Oh come on! What are your resolutions?

As for 2007, I'm sure it will be great for you because you will seize it, squeeze it and make it yours!

Zee said...

Gary, I can't make up my mind ...
There is so much to do better, it never ends.