Monday, January 22

think silver not steel

Take a close look at these photos …
Is it a castle, a grand hotel? No – it’s a house!
It is owned by Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the former president of the
United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu-Dhabi and a good friend of the Bush clan.

And here we go, this really blows my mind. The Audi below is not painted silver - it was custom made IN PURE SILVER!

It is amazing what $2.66 a gallon at the pump or $50-$60 a barrel can buy!

That car will be a cute sculpture once the oil runs out -and we will run out of that oil, that is not hypothetical but factual. So it is more a timing issue now than anything else, something no one around dares to address - and the Arab world continues to dream within their framework of the fairy-tale of "1001 nights" with Mohammed's blessings, while the Westerners stupefy themselves to believe that all can continue their way forever.
They are both wrong!

This post is inspired by an email I received from Calamity


reverb said...

...if he s got style and really like cars, he should get an Aston Martin or severals

Im joking...

Zee said..., you are not joking. I agree Reverb!
What about platinum?

lindsaylobe said...

The pictures remind me of images of over indulgent children , about to vomit after eating too many lollies , gazing out to survey all of their toys; so many that it would take a lifetime to examine individually.

What sort of young individuals develope. brought up under these conditions ? I think we know the answer.

Nothing is so humouress as the idea we are a civilised race when we engage willingly in this style of conspicuous consumption.

Remember your early pioneers, shooting entire herds of Buffalo; just For sport, leaving the carcases strewn form one end of the plain to the other. The Indigenous Indians(the so called Savages) were amazed and deeply shocked, correctly concluding such acts a wanton waste; a sacrilege and an abomination to a shared relationship with nature.

They were right. So now in our civilised state we have become more sophisticated, but no less mindless in our wasteful misuse and absence of reverence for life.
Good pics !!

Best wishes

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

these kings, emirs, presidents, generalismos, and business aristocrats of all ilks ... i don't know what to say .. lindsaylobe (above) said it best: they are child-men. all this while they oppress millions.. YUK.

Madcap said...

You'd think in a paint job that shiny you'd be able to see some shadow of the future looming.

That's obscene.

ian russell said...

silly fool will have to polish it everyday!

though isn't it just an extreme example of what we all guilty of? I believe it still costs extra to have certain paint colours on vehicles - metallics, black etc. - and we pay it, and for all the other senseless extras. why don't we drive a bog-standard car and spend the money on a worthier cause?

is that a personalised number plate he has? ;o)

Zee said...

Yes, Lindsay put it well Ibn ... and your facet to look at at it gives an other perspective.

You know Ian - I wonder what will happen if this car crashes. Maybe it will be the revival of silver coins ....

Meander said...

very scary indeed. no thoughts about the future or what we are doing to the planet...our children. these photos make me feel sick.

Zee said...

I am sorry Meander, I never intended to make you sick.

_z. said...


calamity said...

i se people are getting hurt here i'm happy that zee could evoke soem emotions that emerged in mewhen i first saw it. i wish i had the power of robin hood :)

Mone said...

it proves also that no matter what man can creates, nature still looks 100 times better, a tree with its green leafs, a naked woman like the one you posted below, Blue sky with white cloud, sound of rain...what a man can do better?

Mone said...

btw, I was thinking about this post, you know the UAE has flourished in the last few years and became a cornerstone of the Middle East. What this prince/king is doing is really stupid but harmless. He is basically spending his money lavishly. True this money can help others, but perhaps percentage wise, we too are not giving the poor as much he is doing... we really don't know.

At the same time, in the US, most powerful country in the world, is having a president that is throwing their sons and daughters to war, bankrupting his country from money and friends, making his country most hated in the world... who is really worse?

Zee said...

It's not a question of "who is worse" Mone ...
I am just amazed by the general folly of mankind.

Mone said...

in terms of stupidity, this one takes honor first place

Zee said...

... in that respect, I have to agree with you Mone.

Ingrid said...

geez, I tried to post a comment a few days ago and it got gobbled up! Happened to me at Gary's as well.. must be that beta thing. Anyhoo, there's no accounting for taste!
good to see you back Zee

nazislam said...

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Zee said...

Nuke anything ... you'll be part of the collateral damage. Your suicidal tendencies don't impress me. Neither do I care to be part of them.

nazislam said...

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Anonymous said...

No offense, I am not trying to be rude, but please check your sources before you post things. That car is not made of silver.
I understand that it's much easier to simply be irritated at such ridiculous seeming things, but it's usually best to check first, post later.

Zee said...

I know "anonymous" - I checked it it out later. It made a good story though.
It was a German company who polished the heck out of the car's finish. That's the real story I guess.

Anonymous said...

It's not a house. It's a hotel called the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. Don't believe me, look it up on the web. Google the Emirates Palace and watch the same pictures come up. The Dumbass who posted that article needed to do more research.