Monday, January 8

US and them

Beg you pardon? No, not my model, not my setup, not my sculptures. Nevertheless, I like the whiff of the breeze, the colors an her oily skin.
So Bush will send more troops to Iraq starting tomorrow. What a fool. Ah, shit, shit shit ... politics again. OK I will bite my tongue, but we should expedite and put a counter up that down-counts the days of Bush in office, the grand maestro bastard of all times, at least in my times... Does anyone have such a counter? I am too lazy to create my own.
But what a fool am I to keep following these discourses! It will not change a bit just that I am aware of things and try to participate in a processes of reconciliation...
No folks, I have neither anything to say about the fabulous lady posing here, nor the sculptures surrounding her. I feel mute, and I should stick to that cognition... But you know me, I always seem to resurrect, despite all odds.
US and them? No - it should be called: us or them! No, are you with us, or are you with them?


Ingrid said...

WHOA NELLY! (if that's her name).. I see you're waiting for some commentaries before you'll post again so ... consider it done! Too bad I already posted my photos otherwise I'd have fun with this one ("what Zee! I thought you'd never posted my picture") but alas..we share a few friends online hehe. I must be getting 'old'(urrr)..(and yes, a wee bit more than 28 as you so lovely suggested, you're too nice) because instead of thinking "oh lord, I am 'competing' with that??" I think..ah well, I never would have looked like that anyway.. btw..there's a whole lota glistening going on.. olive oil? Or just a hot room? seriously..just wondering..
oh and, I assume you took those pictures yourself? How do you get women to pose? I remember taking a drawing class 20 yrs ago and we had the choice of male or female nude model. Funny how everyone choose female as the majority of the class was female (I choose male oh well), the lady we got had her baby 9mos previous and was apparently nursing.. our drawing instructor said, you want curves when drawing, not a skinny stick.. personally, I'm always drawn to faces..
ok, I'm meandering on..I'm working on a post Zee, but with my mom around had not had time to let my thoughts sift through all the things going through my head..she left this afternoon returning to Holland so hopefully I can get my thoughts together and post it soon..
shit politics...well said!

Elizabeth Green said...


By my counting there are 721 days left of the George W Bush regime. I don't know how to create a counter, but that will be a place to start.

My way of thinking is that it would have been nice to see him swing with Saddam. In my mind, one is as guilty as the other. If the CIA is reading this, they deserve being shocked at what they nose into.

I, too, am sick of politics & need to take a break. I want to spend my year focusing on things of beauty, grace & self-improvement. I can't change the world, but I can try to make my little part of it better.

Mone said...

Beautiful statue and life model, no not only the oil or the shade..etc but herself, nice face with gypsy like long hair, smooth silky skin, full legs..beautiful to draw :)..what a setup..very inspiring...

Zee said...

Thanks for your "ramblings" Ingrid!
No, I did not take those pictures, I have quite a few of my own but I have become shy to show them. It is not difficult to get fine models to pose, as long as you know what your mission is and that you are exited and exuberant about it.

Elizabeth, thanks for your comments: Beauty, grace and self-improvement is the way to go!

Mone, I have seen quite a few nudes, life and on paper during my days ... but I agree she is quite awesome. Isn't it nice to breathe out from the MI discussions?

Gary said...

I had to appreciate the photos before I could appreciate your bile on the war Zee. What a contrast man!

Maybe someone needs to sasy, "Are you with us or are you an ignorant person who believes we are separate?"

Evile Master said...

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"No, not my model, not my setup, not my sculptures." O really !

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Zee said...

get your dose of erotica at your local supplier ... "evile master"

e-vile master said...

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