Saturday, November 17

5 a clock Guinness in Hillsdale

OK then, I'll elaborate.
The guy on the left has a BA from a college in visual arts and is now painting houses. The girl, I don't know her, she is the bartender at the "Mount" (the Mount Washington Hotel).
What's the point of saying this? The painter and her look out towards the second image here, Hillsdale "central", and ponder about their future, each in their own ways. As I was taking the pictures I asked myself the same question. Not so much the philosophical ones like: Where is this world gonna lead to. But more on a personal level, where will the pathways of my life lead me in the next few months?
Heck, I wish I knew!
I guess the myth of the starving artist is not a myth after all.

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sAssY brOwn said...

Love that top photo.