Saturday, November 24

after the thanks

All right, so I give you a blurb about Thanksgiving after all.
My daughter despises mashed potatoes, can't be the genes, 'cause I love them. Despite of this, there she is standing in the steamed up kitchen preparing that very dish.
We had a wild turkey, delicious and an organic farm raised one, traditional. The company was great, the host and hostess fabulous. But I am people shy these days. So is my son. So we took a walk down to the falls to avoid further small-talk for a little while.

On that walk we found this shop - very Americana.
End of blurb.


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Ingrid said...

good looking kids Zee. I wish I had a place to walk to for some time 'off'. Well, another good reason to 'run'. My 5K attempt is coming up the 8th of December. I'll post on it soon,