Wednesday, November 14

dogs were barking

Bukowsky once said that dogs were barking,
long into the night.
He stripped the stripper
and plugged his ears with cheap toilet tissue.
What a man.
He is dead now, I'm surprised he made it that long,
booze and general abuse took their toll, end of story.

Dogs are barking, everywhere these days
politicians and crooks want their ways
while we wait to remove cotton tissues
out of our ears and listen to issues
that really matter.
- it's a long way home I would say.


Gary said...

Gogol Bordello tells us dogs were barking also (and to start wearing purple).

If you want to get to your destination, let the dogs bark.
- W. Churchill

Zee said...

I like that Churchill quote, it is appropriate these days.
Now I just have to figure out how to put Muzak on my blog without killing bandwith, perhaps "Start wearing purple" :)