Saturday, November 24


A mile away, on top of the ridge, they are making snow.
Later on, when the cover is sufficient they pull up people on lifts. Down they go, and up again, and then down again. Endless circles.

I used to like that game, but I became tired of running in circles. Nothing against skiing or snow-boarding. I've been there since I was five year old. Difference then, as kids we had to make our own slopes, a group effort. Then we climbed the hill to have that exhilarating drive.
Now it's mostly a bunch of obese fat ass people going in circles. Boring. I wish to ski Colorado

though - they say the slopes and the conditions rival if not surpass those of the Swiss mountains.
Got to do do it before global warming takes all fun away!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Zee said...

Not so quick Mr. Helmuth Hofer.
Your comments have a time stamp and everyone who visits here leaves an ISP location, again with a time and date stamp.
So this time I will not delete your comments and leave them as proof. It's just much easier that way.
I waited for your sanity to snap in long enough now, but I guess it's not going to happen.
Man, do you enjoy using the internet? Because any harassing post or email will go back to the administrator of the ISP you send it from. They'll shut you of real fast.
And if I should thereafter contact the FBI, I at least have the track record that I tried the easy way first. They'll like that!
Hasta la vista Mr. Hofer.

Zee said...

... by the way, I can shut off comments altogether and still post on my blog - or I can only select people post ... there is endless possibilities, you just got to know how!

Before Sunrise said...

Zee, skiing in Colorado is really an experience, but they don't have that swiss fondue to eat at night after the skiing is done :)

Zee said...

oh- we'll just bring the ingredients along and make it from scrap. in a nice cosy hut!
It doesn't take long really. Just don't forget the garlic to moisten the sides and the bottom of the pan :)

AM said...

'Got to do do it before global warming takes all fun away!' I LOVED THE ENDING OF THIS POST.

I also love the photos you take! What a talent! I notice good photos because I am a photography addict myself.

Forget the Swiss mountains, the Lebanese mountains are as good and slightly cheaper ;)
It's been a loooooooong time since I last skiied but I am on for this year. I can no longer find excuses, especially that the global warming is moving fast ;)

Zee said...

I never skied in Lebanon, where are the funds to do this?
By the way, I reconnected with Mirvat - that's a good thing.