Wednesday, November 21

whatever it is

I used to teach a couple of courses in NYC, during the time they had that installation in Central Park. One pick I modified and sort of put it into my drawer, thinking of using it as a front-page to my never appearing webpage. What do you think? Will I use this , or does it look entirely tacky?

Last night my daughter woke me up 12:30 or so, needed some help with printing her essays. Needless to say, I couldn't fall asleep after that. Instead I went to the studio and recorded some music, in a horse (corse) voice ... 'cause I got a cold. Tried fiercely to put the results of this on this blog today; but I am just too dumb to to so tonight, and tired.
Tomorrow will be a better day!

tommorrow is today :)

I decided to use an other player, it's now located in the sidebar below my profile blurp. There you can hear the song and also other original audio I will post in the future.

OK, here are the original lyrics by me:
Far distant
I waited all day long
just to sing my song
now I'm feeling strong
enough, to say I love you.

Since you will go away
baby I hope and pray
that our hearts want break appart.

Far distant love, when will I see you again
a thousand miles between us is giving me pain
you came out of nowhere, now youre gone -
far distant love.

I know in a month or two,
I'll be running to you
forget about the blues
I love you

And if your mind is clear
and your feelings sincere
then I know we'll be together!

Far distant ...


Cinderella. said...

Me thinx, the lettering could look more appealing in white, sine the backdrop colour is a warm one, so they'd balance each other.

And then why done you try soem informal font like Papyrus or the font-next-door comic sans ?I'm just talkin from an architect's point of view, the disposal is yours anyway...

And btw, you must put up that horse-voiced song for your readers here....

Zee said...

OK, Cinderella, the Thanksgiving weekend will give me time to try out your suggestions!
The mp3 with the "horse" (course) voice is still laguning on my hard drive. ODEO does not want we to upload it. I need to find an other player. If worst comes to bad, I just upload it to UTube, there's just not gonna be any movie then, sorry ...
I have that feeling that Cinderella needs to be put on my sidebar, don't wan't to loose that precious golden shoe!

Ingrid said...

Zeester, I was listening to teh song (not that hoarse you know.. and how neat to hear you !) I must have done something because I was trying to scroll and it discomboobelated the song..anyhoo, as for the site and picture.. I would like to see the words udnerneath in a simple readable style. So instead of the words being on the structure, put it either where you have the words already but only have a few so that in order to get all of it, they need to 'enter' first. (it being your homepage. James (dh) had an idea that he tried on our Word doc but he couldn't (he uses another program at work that would have worked). Anyhow, I will email his attempt to get another idea. Check your email!

Zee said...

will put the words up Ingrid, though they are pretty banal, schmuzy pop...

Cinderella. said...

Is this poem yours ?
Its so calm and still.
So very my kind of love.
And about being in your side !!!
Let me tell you, there never was a golden she's not gonna make anyone rich.
She had a slipper..a glass one at that.
Thanx though.

Zee said...

I get you into my freaking sidebar Cinderella, no problem. Just beware of the hungry wolfs and the the tar on the carpet that will stick to one of your golden shoes. Other than that I have no advice at all ...

Zee said...

P.S. Yes all I post: pictures, lyrics, poems, music and everything else is my own unless I state otherwise. I am honest enough to state otherwise ....