Friday, November 23

I hate to fix things ... to start of with, and I only crave Chinese art

There are days when you just have to do it yourself, no other help in sight. So I took apart the old Steinway and fixed some keys. Tedious, the wood is very brittle and easily brakes.
Back in "the shire of hobbit-land" days are getting colder and also "brittle"...that's just how the brake of this season is.
Before you know it snow will cover the fields. That's a good thing though.
The "fixing things" title. It is just so that I love when things just work, and if they don't, I agonize about the demise. I guess that is called procrastination. But sometimes... I get inspired. Today was such a day. Patience is one of the higher virtues - yes??? At least this piano was not made in China. That crap from there I just throw away when it is broken. Actually I try to avoid buying Chinese which in itself is not an easy task.
But hey, they will learn. After they figured that led paint on kid toys is not kosher. They will follow the path of Japan. Remember Japanese products in the 60's and 70's? Total bullshit, cheap ass quality products. But then - ha - they eventually came out with the finest electronics and the most reliable cars. I would call that the "silent revenge" against the empire. Pearl Harbor all over again, this time without Mitsubishi bombers, but spread over time replacing those kamikaze missions.
Hell it worked! Detroit, the headquarters of the three big US car companies looks desolate, abandoned and like a ghetto today. I wish I had had a camera last time around. The pictures would have looked like East-Germany before the break up of the Soviet Union, actually worse - more like Dresden after WW2.
But you wouldn't believe me anyway. So just take a flight and see for yourself. Ah, forget it. It's not worth the cost of petrol to go there. Rambling? Yes I am rambling today. But I will get to the point. China will overcome it's technical and other hurdles - refine it's products a few years down the road (just like Japan did) and thereby become the economic superpower on this globe. I sometimes wonder though if anybody will have cash or credit to buy stuff then.
For now I am content to fix my 1958 upright Steinway by myself.
Enough ramblings? OK, you got it ...


Cynnie said...

my grandfather ( the most gentle man in the whole world) was a "fix-it" man..
he had a "real" job at a textile plant..but he kept a little shop where people would drop off stuff for him to work on..( they would pay him in tomatos or apples..whatever)
I remember being little and wee and trying to help him work on a typewriter i think the typewriter was to keep me entertained while he did real work..but ..
good memories.

Zee said...

Cynnie, you always surprise me with your visits!
Good story about your dad ... and I do like the word "wee" by the way ...

Cynnie said...

aww..zee ..
I didnt know a man that ficked his dick was cheap
what exactly is fick btw?

and I read you often silly goose

missed the call..dammit

Zee said...

.. I'll call you and explain it on the phone. I guess that's safer for anyone - involved - or not :)