Monday, November 5

dividing waters (haiku)

Dividing waters
Create invisible lines
We can not trace them

OK, that's it - I'm in deep depression after I have left the surroundings of the salty ocean breeze.
People on the "Mainland" act harsh and superegoistic. Whenever I pick up the phone, there is no leisure, no contemplation, just business talk. I am tired of this, but I will endure the winter here in "the shire" - for whatever it is worth. Then I will be back to the island in spring...


Ingrid said...

apparently, the shire needs you and even bohemians need to accomodate being needed from time to time.
As for Mainlanders, I hear you. I guess that is why our communal blog island is such a comfort because we 'hear' each other. No business, but plenty of reflection and mutual respect.
I keep dabbling with this fantasy (day dream type, ahem) that I get funding for a low key documentary of one blogger visiting her regular circle of blogger friends and (how 'reality show' I guess) see how their blogs have translated in their lives. How different or not are they from their blogs in their off line life.
Sigh..just remember, I own the patent on that one! :)
Zee-ster, if that ever were to happen, you're feeding me lobster, by hand! (don't want to hassle with the lobster myself of course)
hang in there's 'only' a transition.
focus on your art instead,

Zee said...

Oh Ingrid, don't you live in that country they call Texas? I don't know if I would travel there - though I heard rumors that Austin is a neat place.
Does one need a passport to get there?
Your idea is great, it has been done before though, so it will be hard for you to get a "blogger-meeting-patent."
Actually it could be quite simple, without dipping into any funds. Someone (YOU!) just has to pick a location and a time and coordinate between bloggers.
I am willing to host in Vinalhaven, Maine on that island between May and September 2008. Otherwise we could also go and meet in a city ... New York perhaps?

Gary said...

Zee - follow your heart brother. Sounds like the island call is important.

Ingrid, get your funding - come to this blogger and I'll paddle you around in my canoe - and serve you good wine on a beach by a fire.

Cynnie said...

Island life is different..
whenever I go to the states I'm always the one walking slower than everyone else..looking at things a bit longer..saying hello and actually wanting a conversation.

_z. said...

well change does that. you had a great time on the island, from what we saw.
keep strong my friend.

Zee said...

You don't even have to bring your own canoe Gary, there is one at "the castle" where I stay, and there are plenty more at the Tidewater Motel. I probably could borrow them for very little.
There is a nature sanctuary in an inlet of the ocean. You'll find seals and all kind of other rare creatures there ...

Zee said...

Isn't that interesting Cynnie - I experienced the same! Puerto Rico is of course somewhat larger than Vinalhaven ... but still an island.
On Vinalhaven, when you drive around, everybody waves, even pedestrians.

Zee said...

Mr. _Z!
I'll try my best - OK?

Segue Seoul said...

Looks like some enemy of yours has nothing proper to do with his time--really sad.

Anonymous said...

Very well Worded thoughts. I liked this.

Ingrid said...

Alright, you want me to set the time and place?? Let me come out of this house renovation bit (they're hammering like crazy right now) and I'll give it serious thought. Canoes Gary..oh how nostalgic I would be to canoe in Beautiful British Columbia (smelling the pines as I write) on the beach, a lovely loon call (no people, not the loony from the village next door)..
Well, a laid back vinalhaven retreat of sorts does sound like the kinda place that would facilitate a blogger's gathering ('cause afterall, wouldn't we have some great philosophical discussions amids the good food and drink..well, not me, can't hold my liquor I'd fall asleep)
how perfect it would be if Lindsay could also join us.. ok Ingrid, stop.
Back to the 'give it some serious thought' after I return back into our house..
btw Zee.. Austin is NOT like the rest of Texas. Seriously, it's a thinkers/musician/alternative politics/green lovers city. And people here in our neighbourhood are very friendly and people say or wave hi to whomever walks down, or drives through the street.
Ok..more food for thought now..
Will keep you posted!