Monday, November 26

let go

Some people say I should let go,
and this could be the final remedy.
It's not that easy though,
and only the future is the test
for the days to come.
Wise woman and wise men told me so.
And I can move fast,
but this will be the last
phoenix arising out of the ashes.
I battled the devil before with sticks and a pole
to redeem my soul
while bandits get their lashes,
'tis what they deserve, just so you know.
Infinity is a concept, and the future is for real
To humble yourself to live in the present,
that my friend is the actual deal!


Cynnie said...

Let go of what?

One thing about me ..I'm a stubborn old mule..
I never give up..never stop trying.

I'm a moron

Zee said...

Your not a moron, except that you dropped that darn cell phone in the pool. Do I now have to buy you a new one for christmas?

Cynnie said...

no no ..I'm getting a new one ..and I didnt drop it in the pool..I think i was trying to text message someone while I was taking a shower..its not totally fucked up..
but close to it

lindsaylobe said...

An interesting and thought provoking poem. It reminds me if the implausibility of making too many assumptions about the future; like trying to manipulate infinity.
Best wishes

Zee said...

Yes Lindsay - it's living in the present that counts.
Thanks for the comment,

Cinderella. said...

I just loved this quote,

"....Infinity is a concept, and the future is for real..."

So profound...atleast someone's thinking straight.

I think I'd like to show this post to a cousin of mine. He's a been a heart-wreck since a few years and still not out of it. Inspite of being a brilliant and very balanced guy (he's all but of 20 ) all he talks when he talks of life is ghosts, blood, frozen winters blah blah blah....

This just might be the thing he needs....thankyou.

And you can visit his page if you want, his link goes with the name of 'my precious one' on my page.

Thanx again.
And yeah, one more thing, I know I'm late and everything but better be late than never right...?
So belated Christmas wishes..hope you had a beautiful Christmas this year.

p.s : Your daughter is gorgoeus.And she looks so cute there in the pic with the masher in her hands... :)

Guess, my comment has become longer than your post. I'll say adios now.
Take care.

Cinderella. said...

Shit...I've been hallucinating i guess...its November..!!!!

Please accept my apologies...I meant to say belated Thanksgiving !

Could you please alter the every time i've said Chritmas there and replace it with Thanksgiing while you read it again, after reading this one...???

Damn...I just have to keep doing things that make me look I'm a total case of Looney Tunes...!!!

*tongue out*

Zee said...

Well I had a good laugh Cinderella, and thank you for your comments.
Sure, give your cousin my little write up if you think it might help!
This time I am going to "correct" your post, but in the future you can do it yourself you know. Just cut and paste your post, correct it and delete the old one. If I correct it, there will be my "zee-head" and no cinderella-head on the comment.
Cheers, L.

Zee said...

Actually Cinderella, I'll leave your comments as they are. I have never been wished a beautiful Christmas sooo much in time in my life!

Cinderella. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cinderella. said...

OK..the above deleted comment was mine. I made another mistake there. Said 'kinked' instead of 'linked'.Damn.
Something jinxed with me today I guess.
And I am a total idiot. why on earth it didnt occur to me that I could have just deleted the comment and written it again.

*you're laughing again, I know that*

By the way, I just put up a post, for which this little circus up there was the inspiration. So I want you head to my page and laugh some more.

Take care.

Ryan said...

Rock on man! Nice work Zee - filled with meaning.

Zee said...

Ryan? is that the "J" man???
Thanks anyhow!