Friday, November 30

no more virtual fun this weekend

I will have to teach clay modeling, see you all after the weekend.
On the picture, the birds are nesting before they fly south. Wouldn't it be grand to have that mobility?


Gary said...

I guess we're mostly mobile through our minds and the arts - yes?

Squeeze that clay man!

Zee said...

Gary - if I should ever marry again, which I doubt will ever happen - still, you got to be my best man!
Still, I wish I could grow wings before I divert from this earth! Is it possible?

_z. said...

we do have mobility zee. a kind stagnant mobility that can transport you anywhere you want just by staying put.
we have internet, we have servers, we have hosts, we have gps, we have networking. Anything you need to go anywhere without having to spread your wings and fly away, and risk being shot by a hunter.

But what we don't know, is that our lifestyle is much more dangerous that that of birds! where predator and prey are well known and established...

Zee said...

.... I think I will consider to only eat fish and vegetables from now on Mr. _Z!