Sunday, August 31

why bother with a title, when the theme is obvious

As hurricane Gustav is approaching, there is an other oddity. The Republican convention finds itself pulled out of the limelight, this time no political strategist was able to prevent mother-natures course of destruction.
But as most people evacuate from New Orleans, it is worthy to mention that simultaneously to this event, an other flood of disastrous dimensions is taking place in Asia, somewhere close to India, which countries name I do not remember on the spot. I only know from the news-feeds that the damage is vast and that the misery of thousands of peoples are severe, displaced, miserable.
My fiends all over, the ones in Australia who presently experience an exceptional drought, the ones on the West-Coast in the US who are deprived of water both for irrigation and drinking, the folks up the North Eastern coast who just are lucky, the people in Europe who just feel crammed. We have one thing in common. To work for sustainable agriculture and use our resources wisely.
Katrina might have been a bitch, but Gustav is an asshole.
The ringing sound of that Led Zeppelin song "When the levy breaks" does not wish to escape my mind.
Time to re-build, but this time conscientiously. It is not only about physical levies you know, though those must be supported also.
(PS - all images are stolen)


_z. said...

floods are in the Indian state of Bihar zee...

how have you been?

Zee said...

Hey you other Z man, nice you stepped by!
To be honest, I am procrastinating and feel terrible even though the weather is splendid where I live.
Do they call this "midlife-crisis"???

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee
I agree sustainability is the key to our future.

In relation to your previous post I think the current political contest is absolutely amazing or simply bizarre!

I couldn’t believe it; how well does McCain know Sarah Palim? I heard he has only met her once! I think Google became temporally overloaded as people searched to try and find out how cool or otherwise is this Alaskan recipe !
It reminds me of that famous musical “Annie Get Your Gun “. Maybe McCain is counting on Alaskan ruggedness to allow Sarah to win some more hearts by “Doin' What Comes Natur’lly!
Best wishes

Zee said...

You know Lindsay - if I ever need therapy, which could be around the corner, I'll come rushing to you "down under" territory.

Seraphine said...

it's stupid to build things in flood zones. they should be used for agriculture or tourism or parks or wetlands or preserves or anything but housing and cities.
i think low-land people should walk on stilts too.