Thursday, December 25

All right, I'll admit defeat

OK, first I have to admit something. When I turn on the computer and then go to my "homepage" - it directs me to the BBC news. So far so good. They have a well organized web-front-page, not too much commercials, and graphically pleasing (compared to others, like CNN). So while I have my morning coffee, I browse through the head lines. It's all right, somewhat informative for a news junky like me.
But lately I noticed a bias, or a trend in the British newscast. The focus was dominantly directed towards reporting the misery in Africa, most of them former colonies or protectorates of the British Empire. This got me thinking a bit.
Why is it that wherever the Brit's tried to rule in the past, the countries after they left and "found" independence turn into chaos and quagmire? What is it with these English conquistadors, that all they can do is leave chaos behind?
There is something very sick about this. The collateral damage that the Brit's infused all around the globe is pretty heinous, they are actually responsible as well for the dilemma in the Middle East, as they were the ones who sliced up the cake, drew the borders for essential countries around the rivers of Euphrat and Tigris, the tribal area which once was known as the greater Persia.
It is this time of year where the Christian world calls for peace and celebrate Christmas. That is all very well. But it makes you wonder what this festival means in past and present tense. The ghosts of past misdoings, and I particularly mean the British (former?) Empire still haunt us to this very day. The artificial borders drawn up during and after WW2 became the reason for the rivalry of peoples both in Africa and in the Middle East, hence the killings, the grotesque stubbornness between tribes, the looting and so on...
I wish that some day the queen will take of her crown, stand in front the House of Commons (or Lords, who cares) and admit that the so Great Brittan has utterly failed history. In essence say: Wherever we previously had a colony, our mandate has failed and was only dictated by greed. And the countries we once occupied are therefore suffering and in utter chaos.
So BBC, I am tired to hear about famine, tribal slaughter, government incompetence and all the other details. It is the British Empire who brought it up unto themselves. Instead of lamenting - fix it!


gfid said...

perhaps the pitfall of the colonists... and the brits weren't alone - the spanish and french and dutch, and some others, all did their own meddling.... perhaps the pitfall was that they went into the 'new' world with the attitude that they were discovering something unknown, and that whatever they found was theirs.... as if the peoples already inhabiting these places were sub human or something, and they and their ancestors had no rights of ownership of their homeland. there was always this misconception that if a race has better weapons, they're somehow superior, and this gives them the right to impose their own values and beliefs on anyone who can't overpower them. the 'might is right' philosophy has always seemed to me the earmark of less developed societies. much of the wisdom, knowledge and skill of ancient peoples is lost because some neanderthal brutes with better weapons decided to 'civilize' them.

The Rambling Taoist said...

I agree with gfid that we can't lay all this guilt at the feet of the Brits; the U.S. doesn't have a very good record either!!

It's really just the nature of the beast. Imperialistic powers don't care that much about the people in these areas -- what they are after is the natural resources they can extract at the lowest price to fuel their national wealth, prestige and power.

Zee said...

Yes, Rambling Taoist, but also no.
The Brits divided countries en masse all over Africa and then Persia and Asia.
It took a Gandhi to free India. Unfortunately there is not a "Gandhi" for every nation.