Monday, December 8

troubadour days of past and future

So there he comes, running around the bend, unnoticed - still my friend. Picks up one of my guitars, starts playing a tune that sounds very sweet, a bit of blues - some portions of knowledge included. Age matures the mind, like well kept Parmesan cheese in the fridge. Bernt left me three songs, one of them I will put out here ... for you to hear.
We used to play together, and we played that night. He is living in Europe now since a while. It's a stretch to get there on a midnight call...
But unexpected droplets of nectar are precious. I love it when those donations do happen.

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Anonymous said...


Zee said...

Get your freaking bikini out and soak up the sun Aggie !!
Did you ever made it to the end of the North Island??????
Be well.

gfid said...

mucho marvy!!! i was just in the city last night for some live theatre, and bumped into oodles of friends, including a guitar player friend i used to do a lot of stuff with when i lived there.... nostalgia time.

Seraphine said...

beautiful music. thanks for sharing that zee.
age matures the mind like cheese? i thought it was like a fine wine.
well, ok wine and cheese isn't half bad.

Zee said...

Haven't been to the city lately, except passing through whilst aiming to go to the airport...
Miss it somewhat as well - nostalgia on my side.

Zee said...

Yeah, age matures the brain like cheese, and betters the blood like wine.

jozien said...

Wow! The music.
Also they way you write.
And I too love it when things like that happen out of 'outer space'.

lindsaylobe said...

He has a great voice and I loved the arrangements - thanks for posting - no need to say anymore except to pass on my appreciation through cyberspace.

Best wishes

Zee said...

Thanks Jozien and Lindsay. Got to run, jury duty!

Ingrid said...

my son just had his first class recital doing classical guitar, I'm hoping to mooch off a video from one of the parents and then post it..he apparently has a knack for it and his classical guitar teacher thought he had music lessons before. but no, zip. who knew that he'd take to playing an instrument AND end up being a natural..hopefully it's something he can use as a great outlet whilst growing up!! (he's ten almost 11)


ANNA-LYS said...

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_______________Come Here
______________To Wish You
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Zee said...

That was sooooo nice of you to show up one more time, Anna-Lys!
Best wishes to you as well for this season!!!!!!!