Friday, December 26

pensive and no images

I had this dream,
and then I was lost
underneath rubble unforeseen.
The pages turned unpredictable,
movements that scattered the air scarcely made a difference.

Life is a loom where butterflies interfere at random, remind us to sway
run away from the gloom of eternal boredom that society uses on us every day.
But we always seem to miss this straight path and instead take that windy road.

So if that sparkle in your eye is still valid
that tear that drops is heartfelt and not a fake commotion
then my dreams will come true
that you and I will fill this cavity
and bestow an essence of light
to spaces that live in darknes.


SaoirseDaily2 said...

Beautiful sentiment. Let;s look forward together for a better year to come.

jozien said...

Hi Zee, Some calamity just fell into my lap, i went to find some solace on the internet, and find your poem. Here is this person, that i totally don't know, yet i am communicating, hence i like to respond to your words. I don't know if i understand them.
So i say; no, i won't adhere to this. I will go right in the gloom.(i really don't have a choice)And shed some heartfelt tears. hopefully we find that essence of light (I know we will).

Zee said...

Ok Saoirse and Jozien - I played around a bit and tweaked a few lines. But the essentials remained. Thanks for your comments though. I hope we will all find a bright (or brighter) New Year.

Anonymous said...

This gets at the heart of the unpredictability of life ... good analogy. We are all subject to the whims of fate, but there is always hope for a better year ahead.

Zee said...

Lovely Aggie - thanks!

susan said...

That's a wonderful poem, Zee. I was reminded of something I read yesterday that can be best paraphrased as:

Suffering is an aspect of maya. It's presence in the world serves as a reminder that man's purpose is to aim at higher goals than the world of illusion can offer.

Best wishes for the New Year :-)

Zee said...

Suffering is an aspect of Maya - got to think about that one Susan!