Sunday, December 28

Hanukkah present to Gaza

It is probably one of the more (or most) complex scenarios which happened in 1967.
First I am going to argue for Israel.
The six day war in 1967 was warranted and a success. Israel had at that point been attacked and then responded with surprising force and determination. All good you think, but maybe not.
The mistake after the just victory Israel made is such. It seized water rights originally originated on Arab territory feeding people in need, destroyed olive trees and fruit plantations dating back to the birth of Christ, and worst of all, sprinkled illegal settlements all over to make the occupied territories look like an Ementaler Swiss cheese.
And then they started to build "the wall" to protect those settlements right through Palestinian territory. Reminds me of the wall the Russians build way back then in Berlin...

Now, Hamas in Palestine is and has been understandably mad, so are many people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. So what can they do? In their despair they launch hand made rockets continuously and shoot them to bordering Israel or the enclaves of settlers within their own land. Fair enough but not very successful. I understand their rage, I would be outraged too if I lived there. But it is futile to oppose the 4th strongest military power of the world with "Molotov cocktails".

So the tragic melodrama continues with no end in sight. Israel pounds onto the lands and people that have been there for centuries, before even a Jewish state was ever in site (just an other invention of the Brits for all your smooth talk doubthers).

What's the solution?
Israel will have to take down all the illegal settlements, rip down that "Berlin" wall, let people travel freely to and fro within their orchards and settlements, restore the water and land rights, and then - only then - bomb the living shit out of Hamas and it's cohorts if they still choose to shoot homemade rockets.

but as some of you already have commented, "my" solution will never happen. Palestinians will never aspire a state above martyrdom, and Israel will never give up lands they already have acquired. So there you go, a perfect concept for an endless conflict and war. Hallelujah!


Anonymous said...

A very sad situation. Both sides are even more sad as they don't see that shooting the shit out of each other hasn't worked in all this time ... and it never will. Boys with (lethal) toys mentality has never worked. They need to get their neanderthal brains around another option!

Zee said...

Well said Aggie!

Seraphine said...

they have fought enough wars. the wars have not settled anything, and continue to impoverish both parties economically and spiritually.
they need to get over their anger and revenge and negotiate a real peace.
israel will have to give up some territory and allow non-jews living in israel equal representation in society and government.
palistinians have to learn to live with jews and they have to get serious about establishing an effective government and ending corruption in their own leadership.
negotiation, negotiation, negotiation. there's a solution possible if there is a will to make it happen.

The Rambling Taoist said...

I think your proposed solution is a good one, but, realistically, I don't think it will happen in my lifetime. It seems that some people like war and will do everything in their power NOT to avert it. They see a benefit in a perpetual us vs. them mentality.

Zee said...

I can see that everyone agrees on one thing: it's a tricky situation.
I also share the sentiments of The rambling Taoist that in my lifetime a solution will not materialize.
I also agree with Sera "peace by force" never worked in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Zee: That Boxing Day photo on my blog is along our East Coast (North Island) in the Coromandel at a place called Whangamata.

jozien said...

Tonight i am listening to the Jerusalem Passion. my favorite cd(
And wonder. I like it Zee, where you say; I would be outraged too. And now here i try to start there; What would i do ,if..? Yes, i still throw words, sharp like knives. But I am getting better at retreating when the heat is on and speaking out clearly, when the time is right, to make sure my needs are met. Something like that, maybe.. You know what; there is a lot more peace in my home.

Zee said...

Ah, thanks Aggie, so I wasn't that off after all. I camped in a back-packer space a bit south of your location.

Zee said...

I am glad to hear that there is peace in your home, Jozien!

Mirvat El-Sibai said...

people don't like wars, the corrupt learders.. it's that juicy money of the arm trade, it's why Iran is made to be the new scarecrow for arab 'moderate states' to keep buying arms and it's why israel has to keep an offensive posture.. i find it sad when people still talk about 'both parties' in the israli situation as if it's really an equal decision or an offense on both ends.. zee, you know how i feel about this and i'm too sad right now to go into that but the more i look into what's happening in lebanon and in palestine, the more i lose track of sense or pattern if i want to think about logical human motifs or political front lines.. it's really different matters.. it always is..

Zee said...

Wow, fancy to see you here Mir - has been a while, it is also my mistake that I haven't been in touch, sorry.
I know how you feel about this whole mess, and you probably know my stance as well. So yes, lets not discuss it here, it is futile to do so I suppose.
In any case, have a great and happy New Year!

gfid said...

i'm trying to remember a line from a song, and it's not coming..... something about keeping great power from small minds.... but it's a longstanding historical fact that this is not a new problem. why is it that we never seem to learn the lesson? when did violence ever STOP violence? there's no logic in the arguments, only anger and a desire for revenge.

gfid said...

i found it... there's the address....

the lyrics are

"keep hatred from the mighty, and the mighty from the small"

heaven help us all

Ingrid said...

darlin' there never will be peace as peace has never been and never will be the objective. The objective is total control over areas where there are still 'pesky' Palestinians. This latest war is actually not one because of the water resource as I first thought, but one of getting to Gaza's off-shore gas field that British Petroleum has been drilling for. Israel can't have a wealthy and independent and VIABLE Palestine with those proceeds now can they??


Zee said...

I guess Ingrid, it is all of the above. Haven't considered the "gas field" part myself.
So, it is all about resources? Water, oil, whatever?
I don't think so - but it sure plays a major part.