Sunday, December 21

Days of hibernation

Despite the one foot of snow yesterday, I decided to join the locals at "happy hour". Sipping on a Bloody Mary...
My niece Jess showed up with her male-friend John, the electrician; and a to me unknown local dude separating the two.
Jess is a lovely woman who I once taught woodcarving when she still was a kid and I still was employed as a teacher at a Rudolf Steiner School in Great Barrington. Now she has evolved to be an excellent landscaper, beautifying the surrounding of these houses of the riches.
Lately she is complaining about a sore back and wishes to become a secretary of sorts. I guess we all slave and overdo it.
A quick shot this morning. Pico is excited about the snow, but since she is a prairie dog of more southern hemispheres, she doesn't "last" very long in the cold before begging to get back into the somewhat warmer climate of my studio.


Utah Savage said...

Thank you for the visit this morning.

I love the photos at your watering hole, your lovely niece, and your dog Pico. I understand your niece's desire to stop breaking her back. I too worked overly hard creating the landscape of my little house, and I now have constant lower back pain and sciatica. Tell her to take it easy, get the guys to do the heaving lifting.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Looks like you got quite a bit of snow also. Loved the picture of Pico. I have 2 shih tzu's - one loves the snow and other well, not so much. At least you could get down to the local watering hole. My car is still encased in snow and ice. No wandering for me today.
Happy Yule!

Anonymous said...

I think I'd be fascinated by the snow like Pico too ... but would then run back into the igloo for warmth. Looks pretty and the watering hole looks cosy. I hope your niece does take care of her back - nothing worse than a whole lot of back pain.

susan said...

We're currently housebound since Portland has had more snow in the past few days than I've seen totaled in 15 previous winters.

I hope your lovely niece finds something less strenuous to do but that's creatively satisfying.

Interesting to read you were a Waldorf teacher. I have some close friends in Toronto still doing that. Unfortunately, fifth grade is when a lot of parents start bailing.. competition fears emerge.

nova-san said...

Jess is lovely. She's put in her dues already - I hope she finds something less strenous on her body.

Pico is like a bullet! I love watching dogs running in the snow.

Happy Holidays, Zee!