Tuesday, December 23

now comes the tricky one

Sorry, haven't finished my real Christmas card yet, a block print with three angels on it holding a chalice of light. I hope it turns out alright, I am sort of picky these days.
Will be done tomorrow or so... according to the "master-plan".
If you intend to receive an original hand made print, let me know by e-mail. But as I sensed before, there is a good bunch of people among you who don't care about this event.
I do understand very well, that Christmas has turned into a commercial zoo over the years, replacing shopping instead of giving heartfelt presents of trust and beauty, little pebbles to make known to the beloved that you care for someone beyond the borders of egotism.
I am sorry that it turned out this way, but there is still time to change it around. Perhaps the latest economic global crisis will assist you in this and nudge you to reconsider how you deal with festivities like this.

In any case, Merry Christmas to you all!

As you all know, I am not a big fan of organized religion, it always smelled like trouble to me. But I am a big believer that each persons individual path can lead to spiritual enlightenment.
And consider this, it is presently the turning of the year of 2008 to 2009 - a turning point. A turning point in the respect that over 2000 years ago a so called god gave his life in form of a human being, a remarkable deed indeed. Did it alter the course or destiny of karma of the earth? I do believe it did... in many ways, Even the world of Islam recognizes this event and uses to this day the "Christ Calendar" as we speak.
So now, when we celebrate this festival of the "Jesus-baby-born" , with all the wrapping paper, the food, the candles, the unnecessary obese presents and the electronic gadgets we supply to each other, it is worthy to remember that someone died to resurrect in order to convince the ones who would not be easily assured. It is that deed of Christ as a human, that sacrifice, which eventually made him a god to the peoples of this earth.
The churches obliterated this being, stigmatized it, run the fake imagery for power purposes, propaganda and profit. But that is not what we celebrate this year. The compassion of my heart knows no limits. It is easy to become a person who believes in nothing these days, or just "spirits" who haunt the woods. But is this really the answer?

PS. Sorry for being so "dense" - but I had to get this out of my system


gfid said...

i too have mixed feelings about the season, but love to celebrate it. and this year i've recieved a most thrilling and unexpected christmas gift. my most materialistic child (and only daughter) called her 3 brothers a month or so ago to let them know that her christmas wish list was made up entirley of things they could do for her that would mean no outlay of cash for them. they're all struggling in one way or another... a university student, a fledgling entrepreneur, and the eldest is recovering from an injury at work. so one of them is wiring a chandeleir for her office, another is sparking up the website for her business, and another is helping her wallpaper aforementioned office. and they're all very happy with the deal. maybe i'm not such a bad mother after all....

jozien said...

Somehow, i left a comment, but maybe i forgot to publish it. What I was saying; No matter the density, your compassion shines through brightly!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

You also have a wonderful holiday season. If only the snow would just ease up a bit. Merry - merry and cheers!

Anonymous said...

The Jesus child-birth certainly changed the world and has reminded us ever since to take stock and reflect on what is really important to us. All the materialism of the world won't give you a darn thing if there are no loved ones (family or friends) to share it with.
Good cheer to you/yours this Christmas.

Sue said...

Just got around here to read this post, but I truly agree...