Sunday, December 14

ice and dog days

As some of you might know or heard about, there are an estimated 500,000 households without electricity here in the North East of the US, affecting millions of peoples life. People are running generators (the ones who have one) others who are fortunate enough to have a fireplace are burning wood.
OK, so gradually the mess of this ice-storm is being cleaned up. But it is a slow and cumbersome process. A few ten thousand homes have their power back by now, others will have to wait until next Wednesday at least, using candles as their main illumination source. That's a week in deep freezing temperatures without electricity.
Last evening we were invited to friends to eat "Sauerbraten" and even the main County road was like a major slalom obstacle with fallen down trees, downed power lines and all. When I drove home in the dark, it was even more challenging. Later I found out that the county had declared a state of emergency and had imposed a non-driving curfew after dark... Wish I had known!
I am lucky like something. Our little town was spared out as if it was an oasis. Four miles away chaos, here we have electricity and all to run the oil burners and the water pump.
So it is approaching Christmas, and all the churches have closed. That's odd. The generators are running out of fuel, because there is no fuel to be pumped at gas stations around, unless you are willing to travel some unusual distances. Pretty messy all around.
I pray for the elderly people who have no clue what to do. I hope that this event will spur amongst others, that what I always preach: Community solidarity!
On an other note, Pico the prairie dog got a winter coat. Pretty, don't you think?


jozien said...

What beautiful pictures though!
And to all out there in the cold, i hope they're snuggled up warm for the night.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope things are all back on again and warm and toasty by Christmas. It is the elderly who suffer the most in days like that. I commented on another blog that mentioned this breakdown and it seems that infrastructure everywhere is starting to collapse. The doggie coat is state of the art fashion in doggieworld I'm sure. Cute!

Ingrid said...

I've been wondering about your situation. Ah, and I received the video you sent via Facebook..thanks! I forwarded some and posted it on the blog too.
So how interesting..and odd, that your village was spared. It's cold right here now and brrrr...I'm not used to it anymore. Of course, it's cold and then it 'warms' up so you can never fully adjust either..with T'giving, we were sitting outside drinking wine, watching the kids play. Now..oioioi..

anyhow..hope the mess disappears...

brrrr....(I'm still cold and I have been inside for over an hour..geez)


Cynnie said...

aww..It was 70 the other morning and I almost froze :(

I would die in that weather..

Ice is so beautiful though, I'd take a chance

Utah Savage said...

I'm surprised there isn't a lot of news about all the houses with busted water pipes as well as all the other problems the ice storms, lack of power, etc creates. But yes, that is one hell of a gorgeous photo. And Pico is adorable in his sweater.