Monday, March 20

Celebrate three years of war - or else piss off!

Last week the country that aspires to lead the free world stood alongside only Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands against 170 countries in rejecting the creation of a new UN council to protect human rights. Only the US and Somalia (which has no recognised government) have failed to ratify the UN convention on the rights of the child.
That for a start of my commemoration about the 3rd anniversary of the Iraqi war! Elections keep on producing the wrong results. Hamas is in power in Palestine; René Préval, the protege of Jean-Bertrand Aristide whom the US helped remove in a coup two years ago, won the presidency in Haiti; Ahmed Chalabi, the protege of the neocons whom the US wanted to impose on the Iraqi people at the outset of the war, could not win a single seat. Elsewhere, voters in Latin America have opted for leaders who campaigned against the neoliberal economic strictures imposed by Washington.
The issue is not whether the developing world is ready for democracy - as the administration keeps arguing - but if the US is ready for the democratic choices made by the developing world.
And what is the price for that effort of "democratization"? 38'000 civilian deaths in Iraq so far and a hefty $500-$600 bill per month on taxpayers in the US if you actually would distribute the cost. But instead the government raised the US debt limit to NINE TRILLION dollars. I can't even fathom how much money that is!

Wrong war. Wrong strategy. Wrong president. Just plain wrong - piss on him!

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