Friday, March 24

Spring is in the air!

The bench is finally upright!

So, I am presently not thinking about political stuff in Iraq, not the US, nor Africa or Europe. And neither Asia or the North Pole. And while some of our friends in the southern hemisphere transgress into fall, we here above the equator experience the return of life in nature. For me it was a long winter and I definitely welcome spring!
Tomorrow I will participate in a performance with my daughter and two other girls - singing two Dylan songs in a "open mike" situation. I might record it and transform the recording into a Mp3 format. All I need to know now is: How can you share those files efficiently on the net? I am new to this "sharing thing", so please help me out.


Cym said...

I've stumbled upon a few blogs using Cast Post. I have no experience with it, don't know how good it is or if it's free or not, but it's worth checking out.

Zee said...

Thanks a million Cym - you are a "real sport" (and savior). I will investigate and try those things out.

Lindsay Lobe said... allows you free storage of 30Mg in downloads, should that be of any interest.

My youngest daugter is a singer/songwriter and has set up some of her songs on her blog. Have a listen, if you like but I'm sure if you e-mail her for some help (if your stuck) she would be happy to help out if she can.
Her blog recordings are also linked in my welcome as well.
See her blog

DA said...

Love to to hear you sing L.