Sunday, March 19

nothing to write about

The nature of war is such, that it first has to be settled in our own minds. The outer battlefields are merely projections of that inner life, projected outward to a physical plane that makes it possible for all to see.
The "peace" within humanity can never be solved, unless the "internal" factor has been addressed first.
There is no victory on soil - even Muslims understand this. I wish Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney and others would see it that way as well. But they don't!


DA said...

poor kids

JuBlue said...

Good point about needing to address the internal conflict first, Zee.

That kid in the photo looks like he's wearing a rubber fat suit!

Zee said...

..."rubber fat suit" Julian? Yep, but his hands (fingers) and face - soon he'll not need that suit anymore.