Monday, March 13

What do you want

Everything has been said, by me - by others. Why bother to continue the negative rap. Who is listening? Do we have to get even more depressed by rehashing the bad news?
The one who rules with a sword and endures resistance with confidence and conviction wins. It has always been like that, sad but true.
Reason is usually a toy for those who are unable to even swing a dagger, not to mention to be able to resist the ongoing temptation of conformity in a society that enjoys deep slumber.
Silence becomes compliance by default for the masses who can not commit to either evil or good.... before it is too late.
Hitler's Germany is a "good" example. My grandfather was during the 30's involved in the import business of steel. He "washed his hands" in that diluted puddle of innocence because he was not part of "the party", so he claimed. But he never stood on his "hind-legs" during that time and declared: I'm done with this, I am not going to support this madness with one iota.
Interestingly enough he died from the consequences of a car accident that crushed his legs in the early 60's. Nevertheless, I loved him... I remember drawing a painting for him in the hospital shortly before he died.

So today (or rather two days ago) Milosevic died of heart failure, an other death of sorts. Do I loose tears? No. He was a disgusting ruler who's reign was decorated with the smell of decaying bodies refusing to conform to his regime or who just happened to be the "wrong" people, the Muslim peoples that is. But I would still draw a picture for him on his death bead had I been there...
Nevertheless, he was the "ruler" with the sword in his hand during his time - But who remembers Tito these days, the man who united with an iron fist the Croats, Muslims and Serbs in former Yugoslavia. Nobody!
You see, there is a similarity between "Tito's Yugoslavia" and "Hussein's Iraq". Saddam had three fractions to deal with as well. And he scrupulously did so with the grand blessings of the US because the US was still mad at Iran after their puppet Shah had been toppled in the 70's and therefore by default supported Iraq's war against Iran.
Today the US is swaggering the sword against the entire Muslim entity of importance in the Arab world, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and now the United Arab Emerates. But with little to no effect! The so called "war against terrorism" has become a total farce and is sold to the people in the States by its crummy "face value". Propaganda rules. Keep all the sheep in the shed, don't let them out, don't let them have an opinion or their own thoughts. That indeed would be a detrimental breach of "democracy".
Someone might actually exchange their useless dagger with a sword.
But so far we comply fully, slaves of the ruling establishment.
We are fine sheep.


lauren said...

Baaaa! I'm kidding. I just didn't know what to say to this post. I must agree with you on one point, though: I don't think we're all sheep. We contribute however we can, we lend our voices as loudly as we can. And by "we", I mean bloggers of the world. One small step in a giant revolution, baby.

Zee said...

Hmmmm, thanks for stopping by Lauren! Yes, this was one of my "rant posts on an acidic stomach". Bloggers of the world? Steps forward in a giant revolution? Ok, for tonight I will share your sentiments 'cause I want nothing more, nothing less.

Gary said...

Hey Zee - you're on a roll! Hope you're taking time to smell the coffee and roses too.

Yes, the Iran story is being set up to be very familiar (a la Iraq). All in the name of a war that doesn't exist and an enemy that won't be defeated in conventional battles.

It's a sad time - so get mad... then have some wine with friends.