Wednesday, March 15

Saddam without a tie

I have been focusing about so called politics too much. There is no cure. Eventually I'll be ranting again, can't help it...
But the spider webs in my studio need attention now. There is "spring cleaning" to be done.
Here is a view of one of my walls, decided not to paint them white... instead sketched a "spring theme". If you are offended by nudity - look away. A shot of a window sill is next; a Swiss lantern, stained glass against the window, a postcard of the cathedral in Freiburg/Germany (the only true gothic building that got finished in one generation, while the original architect was still alive). I could tell you why (has to do with financing issues) but I will not ... at this time. The last picture ... oh well!
So the question remains, why did Saddam appear in court today without a tie? That is not his style!

1 comment:

Gary said...

Nice photos.

Sadam decided to adapt the casual look for his worldwide audience. What a clown (him, not you Zee!)