Friday, March 3

Ok, I will mellow....

A person in Austria states that my face looks like the inside of my stomach, gosh - that is terrible! I suppose I have to go on a "retreat" to heal!
Anyhow, there is a low/res pic here about a spring adventure I captured a few years ago. May the girls be blessed (one has a child now) but may they also continue the spirit and rites of "spring".


Cym said...

Hi Zee:
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I noticed that your blog doesn't load properly on Internet Explorer. Your profile and everything below it, is at the bottom right side of the screen. Though it loads fine with Firefox.

If you attempt to fix it, be sure to save your existing template to a file, before attempting any changes, so you don't lose anything if any goes wrong. Or you could just leave it alone. Firefox is much better a browser anyways, and it's what I usually use, but just thought I'd let you know.

P.S. I wouldn't let that Austrian's comment bother you. Some people only see the bad, no matter what is before their eyes.

DA said...

Cym is right Zee. I think it has to do with the size of the sidebar. When you define it too big, the text goes down under..

You have been a very productive blogger last week. Many interesting posts.

I never saw the inside of a stomach, eh..

Ruben said...

That was such a harsh, rude thing that person said to you. Did you tell them to go screw themselves with a barb wire baseball bat?

Zee said... should have heard this guy's comments from ten years ago Ruben. What he speaks today sounds like sweet melodies to my ears. His problem is that he is brilliant in many ways (in particular observations of society and also singled out individuals) - but no one seems to get it when he speaks, so therefore he gets mad. Understandable.
Let's save the barbed wire for cattle.

Two people, Cym and Dimitri, suggested that their very soft Explorer couldn't handle the formating of my blog in micro-soft-ways. Ok, I am actually thankful for that info because I don't want to let the Microsoft-Masses down. Before I switched to a Mac I used Firefox on the PC as my browser. More reliable, less security hassles. But I do understand that Microsoft and AOL seem to still rule the great majority of internet users. So I tried to format the page differently - actually I don't think it was the spacing of the sidebar to begin with, but my own stupidity to put a doted line in there that exceeds the given limit.

Any hows, thank you. and let me know if it is fixed now or still in disarray.

Yours, Zee

Anonymous said...

It's fixed.


Zee said...

thank you Cym! Just looked at the background color for my site one one of the machines at the college - looks awful. Got to make it "warmer".
I'm away from my computer these days, so maybe that has to wait.

Gary said...

Now that collage does say "spring" ... and joy and freedom too.

P.S. I use Firefox to avoid all hassles.

lauren said...

I hope that one rude person didn't color your entire perception of beautiful Austria.

wolf-snaggle-tooth said...

Looks like its going to be a great spring time..
i love naked ladies..

(I think austrians are nazi's, who wish your face looked like the inside of a stomach..)
Evil thoughts!
I dont like evil people..
I like boobs

Lenren said...

I came to your blog all upset. I was at Cafe DA (one of the greatest blogs-ever!)You said "typical American eurotrash". I have to honest, I didn't really get it:)After coming here though, I realized I was maybe being dumb. I hope you can explain what that ment.I have only traveled outside the US that 1 time. I am sorry that guy said that. Honestly you look nice.