Thursday, March 2

India gets blessed by Bush

Bush's three-day visit to the world's largest democracy, which is also Asia's third-largest economy, has raised expectations in India as it sheds its socialist baggage and turns to the West for it to become a regional power.
But it has also drawn the ire of many groups who staged large protests in several cities across the country against Bush's policies. And as I was listening to Bush's radio-clips the last two days - I sorely was reminded that the US is spinning out of control with it's foreign policy program. "Times change and people change" - he muttered and gave his blessing to further an exchange on nuclear technology between the two countries. As far as I know, India has refused continuously to sign a nonproliferation document that could demystify nuclear weapon arsenals, and now Bush comes along and says "it's all gravy"!

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Lindsay Lobe said...

Yes and even Australia with a conservative government refuses to supply uranium to India unless it signs a nonproliferation nuclear treaty.

Bush is completely racheting out of control, as all he concerned about is the price of petrol at the pump. !! India might help him with another source of energy.

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