Friday, March 17

Fire them, fire who?

A very famous multinational company was going through a tough time and the president/boss of the company was left with only one option: call one team of workers for a private chat.

- I'm really sorry, I know all of you are ver well qualified and great workers, said the boss, but I'm gonna have to fire one of the four of you.

- Excuse me, boss! - said the african-american. I'm part of what is considered a minority! If you fire me, it'll be discrimination!

- You can fire me, said the old man. But I'll sue the company for discrimination of age and the company will go bankrupt.

- I am a woman!, said the only woman in the group. You can't just fire the only woman in the group since there are also 3 other guys! That's sexual discrimination.

Everybody's attention then turned to the fourth worker, a young, good looking, healthy and white man.

- Oh boy!, said the young man quickly - I never thought I'd do this, but I have just turned gay!