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What shall I do with these magazines, sell them on eBay? They have been collecting dust for some years. I wonder what their value would be - and to whom!

Which reminds me to tell you that I will fly to Europe in a few weeks. Will be a sober flight, not even a water bottle allowed as carry on, thanks to our beloved muslim adolescent wannabe freaks. By them all fun to fly in an airplane has been positively eradicated. Why can't those guys ever come up with something better or more effective to voice their discontent? I mean for Christ's sake, even Mohammed wasn't trying to conquer Mecca in a day and instead retracted to Medina at his convenience to catch some breath while converting everything around him with the mighty threat of the sword.

Dhimmitude (compliance) of the so called Western world will never be gained by highjacking airplanes and/or using them as projectiles of destruction. Subordination (dhimmitude) of the "West" towards the "East" will never happen, especially not towards countries who adopted Islam in such a way that law, state, culture and religion are ruled as one and the same, namely by the Qua'ran.

I remember the first time I visited the US, I was still a kid then, just about seventeen. The stewardess came up to me and asked me: "Would you like to come to the cockpit and see how they fly a 747?" - "Sure!!!" So I went and got my portion of excitement. Those were the days!

Nowadays you can't even cough loudly, that might end up of your plain getting send back to the originating airport, escorted by two F-16 fighter jets.

My Arab friends, you must understand that you took away all the pleasures of flying. For that I despise you very much and also for your accompanied resistance and arrogance that "Mohamedanism" as represented by many Arab countries, is still an issue to be pushed forward in the 21st century.
It's destructive, a waste of time, it's retardation - and it only makes flying miserable.
Think about it.
For those who haven't followed my blog might assume that I unjustly wish to lash out against Arabs and Muslims. If you have payed attention, you must have noticed that I criticized Israel, the Anglo-Saxon empire and all others who impose the law of "dhimmitude", intentionally or unintentionally. The laws, rules and privileges of the superior to the lesser must find an end so slavery can be abolished for good . Any philosophy or religion contrary to such a move must either be tranquilized or eradicated .


Gary said...

They will still sell you a drink on board Zee - you just can't bring your own on. I've flown recently several time and had no problem sipping.

As for wrecking airplane travel - most airlines only sell food now and you even have to pay for pillows and blankets on Air Canada. It's a flying tube of misery for most of us.

I think these suicide freaks are not really Islamic warriors - most are well-educated. I think they're just using a damn sucessful weapon in their attempts to get foreigners off their soil and out of their cultures. Good old Islam (in the right hands) can however provide some courage (virgins and all).

Annoying indeed.

Gary said...

Oh yeah - have fun on your trip brother!

Zee said...

I'll be a bad peace activist Gary and an application for Amnesty Int. would probably result in a rejection - except maybe a position as a deckhand on a boat. Between you and me, that would suit me well. At least then I would not have to rely on airplanes anymore :)

By the way, All these suicide freaks are NOT concerned about having "foreigners" leave their soil. I used to believe that as well, but it is not so. Their only concern is to impose "their version" of Islam on everybody else ... or die!
You don't even have to look solely at Iraq where muslims of different tribes and beliefs massacre each other, go to Africa and see the same thing happening on a larger and more repulsive scale. But who am I telling this - you know already.
No, I'm sorry. Islam has become my foe #1 because it doesn't function as a separate entity, state and religion are ONE in Islam by default. If there were a distinction, it would be AGAINST their their own religious principle outlined in the Qua-ran. So there, now you have it and I will shut up (...for a little while).

Table Mountains said...

keep those magazines,the images will always be a constant reminder of the start of a new world war. it's no different then the images of pearl harbour to another generation.

Mirvat said...

one muslim here is shocked by this post!

Ingrid said...

Zee! Since our acquaintance has been recent, where in Europe are you from? (one European to another..well, technically I am Canadian now but hey, can't get the 'European' out of me) I can understand that the version of Islam that the wannabe bombers are letting themselves influenced by must irritate you, but I think that the 'real' wannabe terrorists are a varied bunch and not just Al Quaida (spl?) followers. Social and economic discontent, all play a part in not only who follows that brand of Islamic teachings, but why it gives them that well, je ne sais quoi! I think anyway. The real threat is not joe or muhamad 'schmo'..but the Saudis who are supposed 'friends' of the US on the one hand, but have the most repressive version of Islam exported left right and centered. They have mosques built (with the attached schools) that carry the names of their benefactors and Wahhabism is taking over the world. Not 'Islam', but the most fundamental version of it. It would be like the Southern Baptists missionaries gone apey all over the world, preaching doom and gloom or else.. Fundamentalism is something that is addressing people all over the world, and to counter it, progressive and tolerant people need to 'offer' something to clear the void that appeals to those who follow any fundamental agenda. Davidson Loehr wrote about that in his book and I wrote about that a few months ago. Perhaps I need to re-dress the fundamental's not the fact that people follow them, but that progressives don't have anything else to offer them instead.
phoo..sorry, that was kinda long-winded!

Zee said...

I am shocked as well Mirvat, shocked that humanity can't rise above a nation-state consciousness ruled by religious doctrine in this 21st century.

As for individuals or groups who pursue particular agendas, no matter if their goal or intent is virtuous or not, only Muslims of such groups have taken their cause onto a global platform, a crusade without discrimination of targets.
The Basque liberation army, the Irish republican army, the Red Brigade in Germany and many other groupings of such nature had one thing in common: Target the political enemy as "close at home" as possible, assassinate key people of the opposition not "unrelated" persons. But with Arabic Muslim actions of comparable nature or activity it is, and always was different: Everybody is collateral damage, including themselves. Hence the fad of suicide bombings. Strangely enough Bin Laden is an exception to this rule, a thing completely forgotten in this angst of terrorist hysteria we now live in. His organization only targeted the "infidels" on Muslim soil, that was his rule from the beginning on, fighting Soviet invasion in Afghanistan to the US inflammation in Jordan and so forth . That guy actually was consequent and true to his words. The World Trade center disaster has nothing to do with him, absolutely nothing ... alas, he might have chuckled after the fact, bastard!

Yes, it is shocking Mirvat, it is shocking that only few Muslims ever question their relationship to the greater picture and try to observe the ways Islam is being presented to the world at large and also to themselves by the strongest representatives of Islamic nations ... and do nothing about it (and you know which countries I am talking about). And you know also, being a woman Mirvat, that you would have zero to say in that list of Muslim countries, those countries that apply the law of Shariah which includes the stoning of woman, dug into a mud hole only their head sticking out - then pulped to mush throughout several hours, for adultery ...
My simplification might be strange and offensive, but Muslims took away my enjoyment to fly in an airplane - not Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Native American Indians, and so on and so on ....

It is petty to ignore the fact that all our issues here are rooted in religious beliefs, including the present miseries that have overshadowed Lebanon - and Afghanistan and Iraq have the same story line amongst others ...
But from all the "religions" I observe these days, Islam has the most impact of causing not only nuisance, but also havoc around the globe. Mohammed might have been an inspiring swordsman at his time, but do we need to follow that principles 1500 or so years later?

The only way the East and West will ever become friends, is to rise above religion as a propulsion and for the West to completely drop imperialism.
Perhaps then we can fly high and free!

Mirvat said...

when are you going to get it?
when Ingrid criticizes Saudi Arabia which is the country that represents the way Islam is being modified to a horrible aberration and used to socially oppress its population, why didn't she asked herself, then how come Saudi Arabia is the dictatorship that is friendly to the US and to the west and that is being maintained by it..
when Bush and the western leaders stand and advocate to 'liberate' the muslem world and show you pictures on TV of Taliban and women in veils and then show you that these women are now able to vote, why don't you stop and ask how come they don't do the same in saudi arabia where women are not being allowed to drive.
i talked about islam so many times with you but you obviously would not budge on your definition which makes me very sad today.
when is the western world going to start trying to understand the difference between the different arabic countries. talk about regimes and governments and societies. you keep attacking this religion claiming that it's the religion that is permissive to violence and misuse when i have posted so many examples about true islam if you would bother to learn about the religion in full before you judge it. what christianity and judaism have not been a pretext for extremism and aberrations as well? some christian extremists, the warmongers, some apocalyptic evangelicals who were advocating more killing in lebanon, some talmudic rabbis who allowed killing of palestinian children (so many quotes on my site, the post we're not anti-semites, we're arabs), the racism that is being allowed under the umbrella of religion in israel, calling arabs beasts.. all these were not alarming to you or even a reason to reconsider or even consider criticizing religion, all religions as they are being practised today.
you used to criticise the veil because what? it's not sexy enough.. and i used to give the example of hassidic jews and nuns.. when are you going to leave every religion to its practices? europe wants a secular islam and they want to get rid of all the forms of pacticing, arab men are being kicked off airplanes just for speaking in arabic. so next time we happen to fly together i'll make sure to fuck off the plane in order to allow you to enjoy your carried cappuccino.

back to women in some arabic countries, since you claim that this is where i should draw a conclusion against islam, i told you before and i say it again. there's nothing in the islam religion that asks women to be treated that way. before islam came, women used to be burried at birth, islam gave equality between men and women.

i won't go into all that. the way women are treated and pretty much everybody in dictatorships in the arabic world today is becoming parallel actually to the way americans are being treated in what is quickly becoming fascist america and you know it.
as for men who choose to kill themselves, if you would bother getting acquainted more with the situation of palestinians in israel you would understand where these people come from a little.

as for people who fight the infidels, like american-made bin laden and co.. and 9-11 (70% of americans are convinced that 9-11 was american made and you still argue about that) i'm sure you're aware of the term false flag..

in short islam is being used as a pretext for western colonization. it's been facilitated by the US-assigned arabic leaders (whom we hate) including the abdallah family, al saoud, mbarak and abdallah of jordan, these leaders oppress their people in the name of islam. assad, who is not an american agent (king hussein used to be a CIA agent by the way) is the most secular leader we knew.

as for the islamic revolution in iran against the past islamic oppression in iran, yes i would like all governments to be secular but unless i see the knesset disappear and bush stop talking to God, i'm holding off this discussion..

and that's why i'm shocked!

Mirvat said...

"My Arab friends, you must understand that you took away all the pleasures of flying. For that I despise you very much"

for that i'm sorry but i can't be your friend!

Zee said...

You are you Mirvat, solely YOU! Not of the Middle East or Lebanon, not a Muslim .... just YOU!
You might BE from Lebanon and you might BE a muslim, but that has nothing to do with what I said above. Your destiny, your choice of life is a private matter and not mine. That's the whole point I'm driving at.
I am so much co-inspired by some mutual thoughts and energies we have had. But I have to do what I did right now. I do have to spell out things as I perceive them even with the risk to nudge your feelings - I can't help it, I just have to - even with the risk of loosing you as a friend.

Mirvat said...

we always had very opposing views on islam and that was never an issue Zee. i really respect you and your opinions and a lot of times in the past your guts to come out and say a lot of things you said. i always think that the first step of tolerance is honesty.

but again the last sentence i quoted strikes me as selfish and completely detached from reality. I am an arab. this is my identity Zee. you might despise a man for wearing a turben, that man incidently might be my father. or a veiled woman who might be my mother. i respect those personal choices and this is ME.

again, it hurts more maybe to hear this from people who opinion you value and that's why i took it to heart.

yeah maybe we'll talk about all these things in better times.

Zee said...

I will keep the magazines Table Mountain.
I can't guaranty that I will keep my sanity, Gary.
Ingrid, I'll respond - but not tonight.
Mirvat, I owe you a better response, I know.

Mirvat said...

I didn't read Ingrid carefully at first, sorry Ingrid. i see we're voicing the same ideas :)

Zee said...

For those who haven't followed my blog might assume that I unjustly wish to lash out against Arabs and Muslims. If you have payed attention, you must have noticed that I criticized Israel, the Anglo-Saxon empire and all others who impose the law of "dhimmitude", intentionally or unintentionally. The laws, rules and privileges of the superior to the lesser must find an end so slavery can be abolished for good . Any philosophy or religion contrary to such a move must either be tranquilized or eradicated .

reverb said...

...hey Mirvat, gal, cool you jets
thats the reason that the power use to do the things they do...

you re a human being at first, not an arab, or catholic or whatever...
these are incorporated and invented things
think that for a moment

the problem with the mankind is that
the day when we understand that we need to go beyond like mankind "unite" not segregated in "small" groups like arabs, blacks, white, chinese, etc
well this day will be the start of a new era

I ve got many thing to say , but unfortunally Im better reading than writing in English language


reverb said...

...also you need to search some things in the hystory of the humanity and the power
and get away for a moment in your sectary politically point of view

and my last name is from LEBANON (Malcon)
my great grandparents (never know they)were from Lebanon

reverb said...

and for last,
I can maintain with you a debate about life, History and politics
but the problem is that I ll can write in Spanish (because for elaborate good and clear sentences my English is not very fluent)


Mirvat said...

reverb, i'm aware of the dangers of nationalism. humanity wise i cannot disregard the bias and the war on islam and arabs (labeling everybody as a terrorist) in order to advocate the legality of military controlling those countries and spreading more oil pipes.. (iraq first).. i was talking about the palestinian problem in the midst of the lebanese war.. it happens that the heat now is against arabs.. and we stand with the weak, the misunderstood, the oppressed and the invaded and occupied which coincidently are largely the arabic people nowadays. so my duty as a human being tells me to react to the wide discrimination against Arabs.. and it happens that i'm one which makes it a bit harder to swallow.

reverb said...

...I understand your point of view...

...but here in S America, the segregation is massive
yes here there re no war, but kind of a social disaster and chaos
so most people are oppressed in a way or other
in some Countries the "civil war" is like a time bomb
and I live with this everyday

the social structures now are broken
and the gov do nuthin to change this
so S America in the last 10 years is bleeding
and the future for the "normal" people
is gone quickly...

so you have a war; here, with this social problem and with people that only knows 250 words!, superpopulation in Asia (with all the problems that this thing brings..), Africa...and many etc

Lindsay Lobe said...

Zee- Would you kindly consider the views of Dr Robert Pape from the University of Chicago who sums up the position very well in my opinion:

What nearly all suicide terrorist attacks actually have in common is specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorists consider to be their homeland.
Religion is often used as a tool by terrorist organisations in recruiting and in seeking aid from abroad, but it is rarely the root cause.The general pattern in data supports these conclusions.
First, nearly all suicide terrorist attacks –301 of the 315 I studied –took place as part of organised political or military campaigns.
Second democracies are uniquely vulnerable to suicide terrorists: America, France, and India. Israel, Russia. Sri Lanka and Turkey have been the targets of almost every suicide attack of the past two decade.
Third suicide terrorist campaigns are directed toward a strategic objective from Lebanon to Israel to Sri Lanka to Kashmir to Chechnya. The sponsors of every campaign-18 organisations in all-are seeking to maintain political self determination.Before Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982 there was no Hezbollah suicide terrorist campaign against Israel; indeed Hezbollah came into existence only after this event. Before the Sri Lankan military began moving into Tamil homelands of the Island in 1987, the Tamil Tigers did not use suicide attacks. Before the increase in the Jewish settlers on the West bank in the 1980”s Palestinian groups did not use suicide terrorist, and true to form, there has never been documented suicide attack in Iraq until the American Invasion in 2003.

I read your previous postings on the Qur’an
and I have no argument with your literal interpretation, unwise as I think it is to literally interpet any ancient scripture or so caled sacred text without making alowance for the present day culture and the times that is was written under.

You would know however suicide is forbidden under the Qur'an and the incidence of suicide is lower in muslim contries than the West, pro rata to population.

A taking of a life is only allowed by way of justice with the death penalty for murder, but it is also acknowledged that forgiveness is better. Harming innocent bystanders, even in war, is forbidden under the Qur’an.

The profile of the Suicide Bombers is about 50% have a university degree; the majority aged 18-23 and indistinuisble from the general populace. The largest share doesn’t come from Bush's proclaimed axis of evil, but from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Best wishes

reverb said...

...lindsay lobe, in my opinion,
you dont see the whole scenario...

the terrorist, politics or whatever are the medium
not the whole pict

is like tv news, football (soccer)or the
afternoon show on tv to sit in the coach and eat scones..
all these stuff is entertainment for the masses

is to maintain busy people that are not busy and give them/us something to talk, meanwhile other things happend

check the mankind history. Its always the same; ALWAYS

only change the names and some methods

control the masses also, is very simple

the principal purpose is other, not the religion, etc

reverb said...

...and I live in América, but not in USA...

SO, you LIVE in a Country named USA , not América
the day that you understand (entender y comprender***)well this, will be the day that your mind will fly away...

Im going nuts everytime that listen that

how in the world USA people think that they are América?!
c mon!

***the English language is so poor that I cant make a difference between this 2 words...

Mirvat said...

lindsay discussed a very specific aspect and that is very helpful too. it's true that these reactions only came throughout history in response to very unjust political situations. even if you watch BBC in the event of a Suicide attack in israel, this is usually put in context. in response to the illegal occupation and in response to usually an unjust killing bombing or demolition by the IDF.

Lindsay by the way, just one point, Hesbollah don't do suicide bombing. yes they were a mere reaction to the israeli horror we're been subjected to. they merely execute military operations being the only efficient force we have in lebanon.

Ingrid said...

Isn't it great to have passionate debates?? Don't fear it, don't feel bad if someone's opinion riles you (even if you don't want it to because you respect that person)'s part of how opinions are re-shaped, more information and personal connection is exchanged, and how ultimately people start to get to know each other better than on an easy, hi how are you doing type level. It's all good people.. Growing up in Holland, we had some intense political discussion in my family and that during birthday gatherings!! People totally did not see eye to eye and then, someone would break into the discussion/debate/argument and say, "hey, it's 9pm..time for drinks. Do you want a beer, do you want your usual?" At the end of the night, people would have done from intense debates, to talking about other things to going home.. it's all good. We can agree to disagree. I sense that no one here deliberately is being hurtful and that is the key thing to remember..
peace guys

Zee said...

Ingrid, I had admittedly a gloomy and sarcastic mood during the time I had put this post up. I am glad that you are willing to give leeway despite of that.
Lindsay, your points are well taken, as are the ones from Robert Page.
Reverb, thank you for your contributions to this discussion.

Zee said...

And Mirvat, I hope you are not totally mad at me now because of this post. My frustration is complex and brakes many "barriers".

Zee said...

I have not so far received any plausable complaints against dhimitute.

Maliha said...

Do you know who I think the real terrorists walking around this earth are Zee?

G8 Summit Leaders: who make decisions that keeps dividing the world into the haves/have nots.

Corporations; Who are raping and pillaging the environment (with the blessing of G8 Summit leaders) who are paying people in third world countries peanuts so that the few get dispropotionally wealthier and again the poorer...poorest.

IMF/World bank: Whose systematic regimes have kept countries in Africa, Latin America and much of Asia, languishing in dependence and debt.

Hulliburton in concert with lockhead Martin: One manufacturing weapons to bomb out a whole region while the other sucks out its oil.

You know Zee, if you take a moment to pause and look at history adn politics you will realize quick that the problems of this world have NOTHING to do with Islam and whatnot. If you go with the media's diversionary tactics...i can't help you much.

We can sit here and discuss laws of dhimmitude that were in effect 1400 years ago until we are Blue in the face; but your flying habits and creature comforts will be impinged by the dying, hungry, and dead on the other side of the globe.

Maybe if you and I, and every other peace loving, Justice wanting person out there; stopped wasting our time talking about what Islam is and is not, and making excuses, accusations and counter accusations;

we can actually spend a lot of constructive energy dealing with the REAL problems of our small earth and perhaps at least work towards some semblance of justice.

There are millions of people dying zee, of basic things like hunger and diseases, as a direct effect of laws that are made in the white house and you think they give a crap whether you are flying with water or not?

there are people who are born into war zones and die in war zones by apache helicopters made in our backyards.

Zee, I don't want to die, i want peace, love and justice. I live in comfort, I am your neighbor, so together we can whine about flying and the weather and inane things like that. And guess what, we aint so different...i am a Muslim yes, but i aint going to kill myself or worry about your dhimmitude or conversion, because I am comfortable and safe enough to think of nice lofty things.

But guess what zee? teh majority of this world is languishing in wanna make a real difference? Go feed a homeless person and stop simplifying matters. It helps no one. Not a single soul.

Peace to you Zee, and i hope you and i, and none of our children have to deal with what it means to live in perpetual hunger, fear, disease and death for the comfort and luxury of the few.

Zee said...

This post was about a miserable bunch of Arabs that spoiled forever the delight of flying in a plane.
This post was NOT in particular about terrorists, nor was it about the actual perversion of the capitalistic system that feeds the sharks of such as Halliburton and other large companies who gain by the domination and terror conflicted to "lower standing entities".
Take aside the conflict in Africa and look at the nations that carry Islam. Besides Africa, all these nations have wealth, recourses and what not.
You have to admit that the "clash of civilizations" is of a religious nature, and not primarily an ordeal of fighting about recourses, like oil and such.

You see, what I am getting at is the method. From Munich in the 70's - to 9/11 in 2001, the tactics of the Muslim gangs of extremists remained the same: Give a shit about civilians as long as there is some kind of stir up.
The funny thing is, those who pursued those tactics were not even fighting for the cause to, for example, to free Palestine.
Anyhow, I am fed up with that method. And granted, I can not blame it to anyone else than my Muslim brethren.
This is why I started to study the Quaran, just to see what kind of fodder those people digest.
I must say, I am not impressed. To cut a long story short, Islam is like a cow on the pasture - it just wants to eat the grass. There is no way you can separate religion and state, and that's where the evil lies. You see the cow and the pasture have to be separated, there needs to be a farmer - a totally separate entity. Somebody has to tend to the separation of religion and state. And the only person who can do that is YOU!

Maliha said...

Salaamat Zee,
Let me clarify two things:
a) There is no excuse I can make for terrorists: killing civilians anywhere is really unjustifiable; and there are direct injunctions in the Quran (yes, the Quran) that warn against transgressions and the killing of any single innocent soul is likened to the killing of all of humanity.

b) There is no "clash of civilizations" it is a myth. period. There have been great epochs in history and in some places still where Muslims, Christians, Jews and everyone else lived in the same space in peace.

You are can you tell me this post is not about hulliburton/corporations/foreign policies etc etc. when the actions of those entities do have a direct impact on the lives/deaths of people everywhere?

You say Islamic extremists don't care about innocent civilians; and what about Iraq Zee? Do you think the "smart" weapons have been intelligent enough to discern who is innocent and who is guilty? What about 1/2 million iraqi children who died directly because of sanctions zee? Did they deserve it? What about the multitude of innocent brown skinned people dying all over? Do you think it's justified?

Or is this a ratios game? When people die from our side it is reprehensible, but who cares because with our muscles we will make sure that for every single soul that's taken here; a thousand others have to pay for it?

After 9/11, thousands of Afghanis died. Thousands and counting; and Osama is still free. Do you think they deserved it?

I can't understand your dichotomy; i can't understand that you think one has nothing to do with the other. If the saudi government came to bomb the US today and wiped out your entire family; what would your psychological state of mind be like Zee? Would you care how many people you take out with you?

My point is this; while I can't justify the Islamic extremist mindset (the word terrorist does apply to Bush and his cronies too); I can see where it comes from. Suicide is a psychological disease of people who think they have no other alternatives...They just stop caring...and some kids get conscripted into that mode of thinking by all the grievances that can be seen from everything around them.

Take a tour of Iraq, palestine, afghanistan, or any of these other places; see the devastation caused directly by the US; think of those people who have lost mothers/sons/fathers etc. and then come back and talk to me about lofty crap of "civilization" and "clashes"...people everywhere want to be left alone to live in peace; but when that peace is broken; you can't expect them to sit with their arms stretched out do you?

And you think the US is so secular? Honestly, look at the effect and influence of evangelicals on the policies of the current administration and come back and talk about the greatness of secularity. In theory it works, in practice it is marred by people and corruption as sophisticated as it is; is corruption nonetheless.

In the same way that in theory a religious state can work, it can be guided by higher principles of ethics and God consciousness and Tolerance; but in practice it sucks big time; because at the end of the day people use anything; politics, power, religion to gain teh ends they seek.

If I pick up the bible/old testament with teh view of finding grass/pastures/cows I will find a lot of crap in there. OUr understanding of any Literature (including Revelations) is tempered by our own worldviews, presuppositions, and motives. I can't make you see the beauty that I see when I do pick up religious literature of all faiths...there is a running current of the Onness of the Creator, the sanctity of creation and the need for ethical actions informed by God consciousness....

but i can't force you to see that; and more so I can't make you understand the mentality of suffering because at the end of the day; we can only suppose what "those" people "all the way there" think like.

But Zee, perhaps if you took time to see the humanity of other people; you won't be so surprised that they would be as mad, as desperate as you would if you were put in the same situation as they were.

this is not a discussion of religion; you can change Islam and eradicate it if you will, (see my latest post) but the world's problems will be far from over.

Zee said...

OK - so let me pretend that Mohammed never existed.
Then the issue of suicide bombings becomes a "cultural" - in this context Arabic issue.
It is up to you guys to decide on which side of the fence you choose to linger.
I certainly spoke my mind.