Wednesday, September 20

The tower of babble

Despite the rapid increase in communication, the acceleration in technology - we are being stunned with muteness.
Every teenager (adults too) spend time running around blabbing at a cell phone each day for hours on end, bloggers (like me) litter the virtual space we have created while the REAL space we live in and the person next to us is being more and more ignored.
Is the imagery of the "Tower of Babel" a re-occurrence or are we just on our way out as human species to become bio-energetic machines instead? Next time you look around, people will have a permanent implant in their skull, serving as phone, video and music generator.

P.S. ... at least BETA and REGULAR blogger seem to communicate now :)


Ingrid said...

are we able to communicate? "testing testing", "can you 'read' me now?"

Ingrid said...

Yea, you can!
Ingrid (phew)

Tinkerbell said...

c'mere..get to know me

Lindsay Lobe said...

The tower of Babel is still a good analogy to day, the quest continues to understand more, to become more materialistic.

Some of the more romantic notions of science such as the scientific basis for the duality principle in quantum mechanics is somewhat “shaky and uncertain” if you will excuse the pun.

The reason a particle and a wave can be in 2 different states is the crux of the puzzle. But maybe we will never have knowledge of those separate states, for if we had that knowledge we would be able to view them separately, in their separate state. This assumes reality and knowledge are one and the same. So I can’t prove that, but neither can it currently be disproved. So I mourn the passing Of Schrödinger’s cat, may he (maybe she) rest in peace!

So if that be true than many of the other duality spin- off are meaningless.

The new wave of spiritualists I am afraid may be dead in the water, that which spawning an endless supply of books, for it still has an appeal but it is based on very shaky foundations indeed.

I also think it’s likely the tiny quarks that lie deep within the neutrons and protons, which are thought to be indivisible will be one day found to be further divisible just as the atom was found to be and which open greater communication avenues.

So I say this era is one of communications, we can move forward in a perpetual wonderment, to change what we can, within our field of influence to the better. I have confidence in the future of our youth!! Babylon will always be there to entice us into its ivory towers I think !!

Best wishes

Dr. Nazli said...

Zee! How are you? Long time no zee.

I like that you lost your scorn upon seeing the butterfly :-)

As for the Tower of "Babble" - I must say from my personal experience when I invested far and wide, I found that there had been something beautiful right in front of me. How blind, but how kind that I finally opned my eyes.

Zee - I hope this Thursday finds you in high spirits and good cheer.

You are smiling right?

Zee ya!

Dr. Nazli said...

oh - y Buenos Dias Zee!! :-)

Zee said...

Lindsay said: "....I have confidence in the future of our youth!!..."
I cant agree more!

Zee said...

Thank you so much Dr. Nazli!
I always kick back refreshed after your comments - smiling!!!

African girl in London said...

Check out John Locke's book "Why don't talk to each other anymore". Your assertion does ring true...the world is indeed turning into babel - except for my village in Africa. Thank God for that I can dip into what it means to be human....pheeeew

_z. said...

Beautiful insight zee. and I can't agree with you more.

people are nowadays in the crowd, but never part of the crowd. they can rarely reach an oceanic feeling. (well as long as they are not on pills or something)
we are each in our own bubble.

twodogsbarking said...

You are right. I often ignore the people around me to blog, even those I profess to love. I don't know what to make of that if anything. I am a writer. Hence, it is my duty to write, even if it is inane. I warn those in my life that by proxy, parts of their life that intertwine with my life are fair game. It sometimes causes problems in ways I couldn't have predicted. Nice blog. I found you on a "death to the infidel" search. Can you tell I'm depressed today?

Anonymous said...

Great post Zee- again! It's true we litter the world with our babbling but isn't that the beauty of the modern world? Communicating with those aeons away living in literally another reality!

Zee said...

I don't know Arima, I begin to be tired