Thursday, September 14


* We can disentangle politics and religion
* Separate state and economics
* Leave cultural life to work in freedom (arts, education, religion) and disconnect them from politics and economic pressures
(every child should be educated in order to free their mind and excel in independent thinking, and NOT to fit into societal rasters and limitations)


Maliha said...

Hi Zee,
i hope you don't mind me commenting and disagreeing with you on your blog? Do you? I promise to be nice:)

okay assuming you don't mind:

a)theoretically sounds good; in practice will never work. Every leader is influenced by their own belief system and worldview. That is a political system doesn't work in a vaccuum.

b) State and economics? huh? tell that to lobbyists and corporations. American democracy is run by their money. It's just reality.

And to be fair, what would the state look like if it didn't serve the economy? and what would its purpose be?

3) i whole heartedly agree with this one..and will strive to raise my kid to be an independent thinker ( a Muslim talking about independent thinking? whaa?? *smile*)

Zee said...

Hello Maliha-
of course I don't mind you commenting and also disagreeing. After all, that is what blogs are for - discussing things without having the pressure to conform to a specific opinion, worldview, stance or whatever else might hinder your free speech.

a) we have to make leaders servants of the people again
b) I am just stating the obvious
c) OK, you see we agree on something

reverb said...

...I agree in first case with ZEE , but in some point with Maliha...

Zee, see, I see that you change the profile (photo)..ha ha
I mentioned to you that you very like the other one,,


Zee said...

thanks Reverb for figuring that me is still me :)

Zee said...

there are basically, to put it simplistic, three entities in society.
a) the spiritual life of humans which includes education, religion, arts...
b) economic life, which includes working your ass off
c) the "right sphere", which includes representatives of your democratic constituency

So, for recapping an old cliche that has never been put into place properly, the working attributes should read like this:

a) Freedom (spirituality)
b) Liberty (economics)
c) Equality (before law ... politics)

I know it doesn't quite work like this right now.
But we must aim for it to work.

Peace, Lukas Zee

Maliha said...

i agree perfectly with the ideal...i do. but how? how will it ever move from the entrenched corruption and ugliness we have in place to something light and beautiful like that?

i hope you had a nice Friday:)

Zee said...

I don't know the details Maliha of how it's going to work - nevertheless, I am fighting for it every day.