Monday, September 25

In defense of Saddam, the man who will be hanged alive

Oh yes, by the way I follow the trial of Saddam, it is ludicrous! Even though he was a murderer, torturer and tyrant - I have to say something in his defense. When the war between Iraq and Iran was going on, Kuwait (that stinking little peace of shit where the camel dung stinks and therefore the rulers mostly reside in my home-country Switzerland) gave Saddam millions after millions to fight the Iranians because they were afraid that their region to the straight in the Gulf would be hampered or that Iran would claim key access points, so therefore they supported Iraq ...
Right after the war (both Iraq and Iran were a mess and badly needed reconstruction) these slimy bastards (Kuwait) demanded back all the money they had given the Iraqi leader, immediately!!! Saddam was broke and they knew it. Nevertheless, they insisted and threatened to put high interest penalties on their loans. It was then, that Saddam freaked out and declared: "You little wretched monkeys, I show you how and when I can pay you back, I supported you, you supported me and now you want to see me bleed to death? Fuck you, not long ago you were not that little independent entity as you are now, you had been historically part of Iraq!"
And so, with the blessings of the US ambassador in Iraq, the first Gulf war was started.
Can't blame the man for that.
Now what happened afterwards is a mystery to me. Bush senior changed his mind, hence the first Gulf war. After that he imposed the famous sanctions on Iraq, with no fly-zones and all.
Then the inspectors came in, and they came out, and then in again. But there was no gratitude in that for the US empire. So they fabricated the myth of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The inspectors had to quit. Scott Ritter rebelled and went back to visit Saddam, Scott having been the chief inspector for quite some years, stating to Saddam that a dialog is needed. The US government cut Scott Ritter short, they didn't like his move and therefore fabricated some shit that he was into kiddie-porn on the the internet, that put a damper onto his reputation (unfounded of course).
So what did Saddam do? Well, he played his last card and declared that Iraqi oil would trade from now on in Euro's and not in Dollars. I strongly believe that this move did "brake the camel's back" and as a result the US government freaked out again.
For decades the oil market was based on the US Dollar, actually from the beginning of the exploitation in the Middle East. Now suddenly, this one country who claims the second largest oil reserve in that region, defies the US currency. What a riot, what a bummer. That could lead to disaster! The US dollar would plummet to it's actual value!!!!!! No way!!!!!!!!
Understandably, the "Empire" would not let this happen and invaded Iraq again. The sale ticket to the folks at home was "terrorism", because it was so convenient after 9/11 - but the real reason was to maintain the status quo of the Dollar ... it wasn't directly about oil at all - though it could have been a convenient "desert" if it had worked out smoothly.
But it didn't.
Now the US is stuck in a "Green Zone" in Baghdad, a city by itself - while the different fractions outside massacre each other.
Is the "Green Buck" worth all this trouble? Or is there a hidden agenda I have never heard of?

And was this angst worth to create a thousand and one more BinLadens?

I suppose Bin Laden's mission could be described as: "Mission accomplished!"


Lirun said...

that is an interesting post indeed.. would love to know more about your sources given your divergance from mainstream media..

and that is by no means a criticism


Zee said...

Oh fuck it Lirun, I am so tired of this whole bullshit - I will go to work now and distract my mind. I don't even know why I posted this post, except that I sort of got aggravated at Mirvat's blog - I guess that's why.

My personal view is such: Let countries in their respected regions figure it out by themselves.
No "empire" needed to do that stuff or attempt to accelerate the course of history. That is doomed to fail bloody history teaches us,
Oh well, will pound in some nails now.
See you later.

Ha Ana Za said...

I liked this post Zee. I think it's important to remember that people such as Saddam do have a human element to them too.
As always make mainstream media more humane :)

Ingrid said...

Zee, apparently, while Saddam was fighting the Iranians on behest of Kuwait AND Saudi Arabia, (and of course, with the blessing of the US), Kuwait went to this disputed little island which Iraq always claimed to be theirs and which, surprise surprise, had a large oil field underneath, and syphoned off the oil while Iraq was occupied elsewhere. My poli sci ME professor said that not only was it about the repayment of the oil revenues that Saddam demanded from Kuwait, it was that the Bush and the Kuwaiti royal family had/have close ties. Saddam threatened to invade Kuwait not because of anything but just to say, hey, give me back my island and the oil revenues you stole.
Ingrid (wish I knew where my ME notes were, it's somewhere in a box, I can't off hand remember the name of that piece of land, I'll be looking)

Ingrid said...
this is the only thing I found online which is not too detailed but at least it's making references to it..

_z. said...

great post zee.

Lirun, why do you think zee's views need referecing? Did you really think it was about WMDs? I thought everybody knew that it was an $OIL$ war.

I like this post, not because it gives Saddam a better profile, but I like it, because it places him with the rest of the assholes of the world. Saddam is a murderer, no question about it, but so are the rulers of the world.. the rulers of the empire who pretend to be so righteous.

justice for all!

Mirvat said...

you got aggravated at my post! i was only saying that all leaders should be equally hold accountable which is the same thing you're saying zee. you chose saddam to defend which is more 'daring' than me choosing nejad. we're only saying theocracies, dictatorships, democracies.. all the examples of governments and leaderships today are to be equally condemned

Zee said...

No, no, no MIRVAT - I did not get all worked up of YOUR post, because YOU wrote it. It's mot a matter if I agree or disagree.
I got aggravated because the content of your post made me sick to my belly. That is a reaction I sometimes have upon the arrival of bad news.
Last thing on my mind is to haggle with you!

Josie said...

This is an amazing post. I would like to know more. There are always two sides aren't there? Or in this case, three or four. I've often wondered why the Americans didn't go after Bin Laden post 911. He would have been easy to get, but they didn't even try. They went straight for Iraq. Your post explains that more.

Zee said...

I don't know more Josie, I have the creeping concern that even the ones in power don't know.
The dynamics are multifaceted. I don't know if you play pool or billiard - you hit the cue ball with pre-imagined intentions ... but then it often plays out differently. The politics in the US concerning foreign affairs has been like a game of pool. Too bad that the key players are rock-bottom lousy.
Even if I were to be a hard core right wing nationalist, I would have to come to the conclusion that this game is lost and done for. The balls did not follow a sensible path.
Too bad that many US citizens don't have "the balls" to speak up to this error.

Maliha said...

the madness...the treachery..the saddam trial is a side show freak business; no one is taking it seriously.

To be fair, bush needs to go on trial, cheney and the rest. They have equal if not more share of blood on their hands.

sigh..Zee, I didn't know that last bit on the "change to euros" move Saddam was contemplating. but it does make sense.

I want to wish for peace; pray for peace; but it seems so mute now.

Peace and pumpkins to you Zee:)

Tinkerbell said...

aww Zee baby..

I haven't the words to tell you how i feel.

I think each country should be allowed to run itself..We( the USA) should keep our fucking hands out of their affairs..

There are horrible things going on in countries all over the world..
just seems funny to me that the only ones we get all involved in are countries where there is a lot of oil.( or something we want)

I'm horrified daily..and tired

_z. said...

zee... if I may...

Josie, the U.S did try to go after Bin Laden right after 9/11. They identified Bin Landen and al Kaeda as the aggressing terrorists, and did try to find him. They bombed Afghanistan for months (and they still are doing so)- for he was hiding in Afghanistan.

It is only about a year after Afghanistan (a little less), that they went to Iraq in search for the WMDs, and hence zee's insight.
The Iraq war of course has nothing to do with the 9/11 incident.

Lhonez said...

A friend of mine is Assyrian. His parents were killed along with several thousand others by mustard gas. Hussein had or probably still has weapons of mass distruction hidden somewhere in the desert.

Lirun said...

travels in hyperreality..

the organic reality is that which the victims experience..