Sunday, September 24

the new generation

The new generation is just impatient, not forlorn
impatient with the old style - blow out the candle
put those issues to rest that bring us only scorn.
Lighten up the path instead with brightness to us unknown -
to us, who have struggled in the dark - clear out the fog, reveal a new morn'.

I must say, that at my daughters birthday yesterday, I revered her energy of optimism and positive outlook towards our future, an impulse that I can not easily generate myself anymore, perhaps an attitude that is lacking in general in our present grown-up outlook. It is refreshing to see this younger generation beholding the optimism that the world can still be as one. In our times, where fragmentation is the rule, I will cheer to this new generation who seeks to mend!


Gary said...

HOw did an old artist dog like you father such a beautiful, hopeful and amazing daugher? (Before you take me on - my 16 year old daughter is just as amazing... and I'm an old cynical dog myself.

You're a good man Zee.

Lindsay Lobe said...

The new youth will be savvier than the last, from the “Y" to the new “Z’’zzzzzzzzzzz generation. Optimistic, rather to cast out our atrophic fear, as there is ample food and sustainable resources for all, what’s missing is the will required for its just excecution
I think knowledge and reality is the same thing, and with the growth in knowledge a hope in our youth over previous generations.

Best wishes

Ingrid said...

Holy Cow Zee, is that 'birthday cake' a triple decker pancake with pink goo on it??LOL She's gotta be optimistic! (what? I wasn't putting anyone's birthday cake making down??) Aah, those were the days when I coudl subsist on anything sweet without going kookoo. She is very beautiful, how you're going to have a moment's rest as she gets older? (or now, my husband worries about our daughter from time to time and she's only 3!) All joking aside Zee, congratulations with your daughters' birthday many happy returns to her. I share your own pessimistic or worried outlook and wish I could syphen some of that, life is good, attitude as well. Aside from her outlook, it's probably also a feature of a (all things being relative with teens) happy upbringing and that determines one's expectations for the future. Mine wasn't too happy so I've never had that let's see what good life will bring me expectation. (no tale of woe though), what that means is, Zee, you've done something right raising her, most of all, one of the most important thing for all girls, is to have their dad around. Bravo buddy, that is why she's as unencumbered as she is!

Dr. Nazli said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter Zee! I salute parenthood - though I do not know it yet ...

Zee - do you think parents love unconditionally? They say they do - but do you not think there are conditions attached based on what they "think" is best for their children.

I am always smiling Zee and I expect that you are always smiling with me! :-) I wish you and your daughter such a beautiful life!


Tinkerbell said...

I love birthdays!!

I have such high hopes for the new crop o' people. ( please please .let them figure this mess out ).

aren't daughters just great?


Zee said...

How do I start to thank you all ...
Gary my beautiful beast turned 17, "beast" because she is a pain in the ass.
Lindsay - your philosophical ponderings are always an utter joy to read.
Ingrid, the gushy mush on top were raspberries from the garden and a yoghurt based topping with also those berries mixed in.
And by the way, I'm not done raising her, she is still a pain in the neck. Now she wants to make her drivers license, takes a bit of patience. But all in all she is a good girl and I do love her.
Dr. Nazli ... no, not unconditionally - conditionally! Love is a condition, not an uncodition.
Cynnie Yes, I have high hopes as well for this "Z" generation :))))

_z. said...

she's beautiful zee... and the cake looks tasty... homemade with love and care.
I wish her a very Happy Birthrday...
I dread the day I will have kids... and I think you did an excellent job (I don't know you personally, but from the posts, you seem to have a wonderful family zee...)
indeed, as gary mentioned, you're a good man!

Anonymous said...


I am in awe!

When she's ready, please send her to visit me in Seoul.

I promise I'll take good care of her, and show her around Korea, and maybe even Asia! --am not at all a wild type these days! :)--

Love and birthday wishes,

AM said...

You have a beautiful daughter Zee, God bless her :)
Best birthday wishes :)