Wednesday, September 27

Ian's request

Ian a little while ago requested some pictures from my whereabouts - so here are some I took today.
I live about two hours by car north from New York City. The area is rural, we still have pastures and cows here.
When you travel up the Hudson river that far, you will see the Catskill mountains on your left and the rolling hills of the Berkshires on the right. One of the pictures here, with the weeping willow taken on a driveway from my road, show the Catskills in the background. The first picture is from the south side of our house, including the studio which I built.
Life here is like in Hobbit-town, secluded, peaceful and uneventful although there is plenty of drama.
People live out their respective biographies whatever they are.
Albert Schweitzer crossed these meadows here and there used to be a little Museum for him. The Bash Bish falls are around the corner, a healing place of American Indian origin. The Tanglewood festival is near by as well, the retreat for the Boston Symphony during the summer.
Alas, all that is needed for a good hobbit to be happy.
Just hand me that pipe, will you?!


ian russell said...

free from the popular icons of american culture, it's surprising how european the country appears in these photos, zee. very peaceful.
i like the windows in your studio!
fine images, thanks for sharing.

Tinkerbell said...


Lucky Zee..

Haider Droubi said...

wow....i think i need to spend sometimes there...such a beauty....
am i invited ?
Mr.Zee...just for a couple of days!!!

Ha Ana Za said...

Wow! You really are living the rural idyll! Beautiful Zee!

Ingrid said...

the changing colours of the leaves remind me of my previous adopted home land Canada..sigh. It's beautiful Zee. Space and peace and a little drama in the mix as well, what more do you need?? lol
If I'm ever headed out your way, I'll be sure to invite myself over!

Zee said...

Ian, it isn't for no reason that they call this area "New England".
Yeah, I like the windows as well, they are all recycled from a near by school who tossed them out.
Tinkerbell, your caption picture looks awesomly sexy.
Haider - anytime my friend! My doors are always open and you are welcome, same goes for Ingrid!

Meander said...

ooh what a joyous respite your photos provide! how are you doing dear zee?

Veronica said...

Truly lovely!
Zee, I leave for Ireland in the morning. I will look forward to cheking in with you when I return on the 10th. Til then-
love, Veronica

Gary said...

LOvely. I should be pulling a single malt from the Waldorf-student built liquor cabinet and heading east.

We should do some house-swapping!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Delightful New England setting and environment.

Albert Schweitzer was very impressed with many parts of your country when he visited, he felt then; there was in effect "a reverence for life” in the psychic of many of its people.

Best wishes

_z. said...

beautiful house and studio, beautiful landscape.