Tuesday, September 12

have you ever ...?

Have you ever spiced up your erotic life by using body paint? If you haven't done so - try it out, your partner will be amazed about the living erotic "art-being" next to you. Irresistible!

On an other note, the "Primaries" in a few states in the US is conducted today. Will you vote?

On a second note --- are you happy?
And if so, why?

... The man who
has wandered pathless at night
in the mountain-range of his feelings:
is silent.


Maliha said...

Zee: thanks for your comment on my site.

I plead the fifth on the first part of your post...

on happiness; I am happy because I'm infinitely blessed and really isn't happiness a choice at the end of the day?

I absolutely love that quote...deep.

Zee said...

I have to admit that I stole this quote out of the middle of a Rilke essay ... me very bad!

Zee said...

Oh Maliha, what is "the fifth" of my post? Enlighten me!

Maliha said...

Please pardon my pitiful attempt at humor...

"The fifth amendment: to remain silent" on the body paint thingie...(ie. first part of your post).

okay...am going to reflect on that for a moment.

PS: Salamaat does mean peace:) A prettier (to me) variation of Salaam (also peace). Lotsa peace:)

Zee said...

OK, forget the body paint Maliha. It is unfortunate that my sentiments can't let summer go, just yet ...
Flowers, suns and moons painted on bodies are perhaps a dumb substitute to prolong the fun.
Salamaat sounds good to me,
peace to you as-well !!!!
Now I am going back to my "chamber" and brood.
Be well, Zee.

ian russell said...

Q.1 no. it doesn't really appeal, like putting ketchup on your food. sex is dirty enough! (and if it isn't you ain't doing it right). whereas art is sublime!

Q.2 american politics, no.

Q.3 yes! but analysis is tiresome and leads towards depression...

Q.4 i don't know. i have hiked at midnight and it is very enjoyable, but we always had map and compass.

the dark asks for silence; who shouts in the dark but a disturbed person?

_z. said...

I too love body paint zee...

am I happy?
not really... especially that things are a bit "empty" and "neutral" these days... but I see a ray of hope lingering in the near future.. I just have to infiltrate my way to it.

are you?

Zee said...

I am a bit disorientated these days. I suppose due to my own missteppings. Infiltrate? .. sounds like a concept.