Wednesday, September 6

pictures of an exhibition ...

as usual, you can click on the picks to enlarge them


Ingrid said...

Zee, great pics. Now I have co-opted my husband's computer and his screen is so much better than my own Think global act local is a very 'permie' way of thinking. You'd be so at home here in Austin. The area where you guys went looks pretty nice too. It must be an older part of town and it doesn't look like 'anytown' USA.
great quality pics..must have a really good digital camera..

Zee said...

Thanks Ingrid, yes it was a lot of fun.
My camera is actually a two year old cheap thing with only 2 Megapixels, but the lens is good - the lens is the eye that sees - not the pixels.

_z. said...

hey! that's the piece you were working on is it not? Congrats zee.
hope the exhibit was to your liking.

Gary said...

Delightful pictures Zee... and if the wooden creation is yours, you're as amazing in this medium as your other forms.

Cynnie said... adorable..
and the bin thingy is cute too

AM said...

Huh! I like these stuff!
Especially the first one!
Wowwwww! Congratulations, hope it went well :)