Saturday, September 30

late Roman times

Considering all the famine and hunger around our globe, such contests make me want to throw up.

Takeru Kobayashi holds the coveted Mustard Belt after winning the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition in Coney Island, New York. Kobayashi won his sixth straight title by beating his own record and eating 53 and 3/4 hot dogs within 12 minutes!!!
That's about 4 and 1/2 hot dogs a minute ... sick!
Is the US today all about copying the the latter days of the Roman Empire when people threw eating parties, went into the back-room, threw up, went back to the main room ... and continued eating!?
Interestingly enough, the politics of the present empire parallel also with the end period of the Roman Empire. I wonder why nobody jolts up from their cushioned seat and proclaims: Enough is enough!
We have become a fatalistic, overfed and crumbling nation - sucking out resources here and there with a blind fold on, living on credit that doesn't even exists anymore.
What ever happened to the days of Emerson, Hawthorne and Thoreau?


Tinkerbell said...

Isnt it sad?

We are a fat pig of a society..ready for slaughter.

Our children get more and more obese..less active, sicker with so called adult illnesses ( diabetes , heart disease..)

I'm curious as to how this is all gonna play out.

Before Sunrise said...

It makes me so sick too!! I can't even begin to understand how someone thinks that is fun!!

I just caught the last 20 mins of a TV programme where children talk about the place where they live and today was about England, more specifically Bath and I was so jealous of these kids... one of them lives on a farm where they grow their own fruits and vegetables and have hens and their own eggs and the fruits and vegetables they don't eat during the summer they freeze for winter. Such a healthy and "innocent" childhood, the way it's supposed to be (in my opinion).

Ingrid said...

Actually, when you go out to dinner you just have to look around to see the everyday equivalent; overgrown portions of food that could last you for twice the number of meals needed. Maybe these people should be entered in Survivor to appreciate food just a wee bit better!

annadams95340 said...

Agreed. It always looks obscene to me.

_z. said...

will the emperor burn rome down.
great post zee... this is sick.

Lindsay Lobe said...

It is likely this disgusting so called sport, “Competitive Eating” will lead to stomach problems later in life and diabetics, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon, so its long term effects are yet to show up.

The over eating and drinking training undertaken beforehand, combined with the eating competitions are an antithesis to health; ignoring the body's natural signals of hunger and satiety.

These contests began as small events but now have disgustedly grown to the extent where serious prize money is available to the contestants, at a time where much of the developing world is still hungry. I understand tournaments now have annual prize money exceeding $500K and its growing. It’s also popular in Japan.
Time to question those promoting and supporting it !!
Best wishes