Sunday, December 31

Have a grand New Year

May your wishes come true and maladies of the old year vanish!

May you win in the lottery, if your stupid enough to take that avenue
May you bring joy to the people around you and not get annoyed by the pestering of your partner
May you be well in health and shun the drugs that nag on your health daily
May you invent the new solution we can live by, and throw away your old garbage
May you just succeed to be a human OK? ... and leave the monkey in the rain forest

May we all have a good and prosperous 2007!


Gary said...

May you continue creating, sharing, loving... and blogging of course!

Happy New Year! May it be a good one.

Imran said...

Now these are good New Year's well-wishes I wish for everyone too.

Have a grand Year 2007 with bountiful of happines in good health!

Mirvat said...

same to you :)

Tinkerbell said...

I is going to be a better year..
I feel like something is in the air ..
A change is coming darlin Zee..
I'm hopeful that it's a good change.

Ingrid said...

may you be your fun and cranky (dare I say) and passionate I like your 'may you' number 1 and 2... any personal stories you can relate to that?! Ah..the pestering of one's partner.. no doubt you're not a pest at all right? That's why you write so you can have it out of your system or hammer a statue or two to get it out of your system like a good artist should??
Ah never mind me Zee, just giving you a hard time. Seriously though, I am very glad I stumbled upon your site. I had gotten so disillusioned feeling like a lone wolf(ette) going against the grain of people around me, asleep at the wheel etc.. it is good to be with like minded compadres to give you a boost in your beliefs.
And I will do this one new year's resolution that I will add a proper blogroll on my's that??
happy new year Zee,

Windypops said...

Happy new year! Post more wabbage!

it said...

i drink to conclusions of everybody commenting here as well as to your mays