Monday, October 2

the door

The door is open
illumination inside
as the days turn gray
and people can't let go
of their entrenchment and dark side
that lingers continously, watching the flicker
of the glare and the pixels on television screens
reflecting some warped truth, or so it seems.

It's time to close that door,
to the gate which leads to deceptions
let's start a revolution, and overthrow
misconceptions and delusions, let me see your soul glow!

Let's open that door again
and passionately kiss
the one who enters
and you are the one
I never wished to miss,
yes you, who has never been here before.


Before Sunrise said...

Beautiful photo Zee! I love the poem also... beautiful...

Lindsay Lobe said...

Beautiful photo Zee! I also love the poem, for me it captures the door to enlightenment and a freedom from fear, from darkness to the one true light of love !!..

A light struggling in the darkness

Form, of mystery, light spread out from sing-ul-ar-ity
A form, continues, with each breath, symbol of our life as yet
So, let me know no more, that I may know the splendor
Of the light filled, ONE agenda

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love

Form, is it but our own reflection, illusions of our expectation
Hidden in the time of present, Lonely in its own pure presence
Continued on, deep within us, calling forth, our own surrender
Of the light filled, ONE agenda.

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love

Form of worm hole travel backwards. changes state
The conscious mind now existing, listens always, emotions birth
Thoughts will now last forever, guided by a spirits a light
To the light filled ONE agenda.

Form of ONE, itself to know
Form of two, a desire of ONE
Form of memory, the ONE it knows
The ONE true Light of Love

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Thanks for taking the time to keep it going.
Great Health

Zee said...

Thank you for your poetic answer Lindsay, it is so much more elaborate than I could express. Your postings are extraordinary!

Zee said...

It's "gray" Before Sunrise -but I adore the fact that you can see the light.

Zee said...

Gary, I am tired...

Haider Droubi said...

is this door the entrance to life,,,or the exit...or is it the same?

nice words.,,,

Tinkerbell said...

A good tired ? .
you okay zee?

Dr. Nazli said...

Soulful Zee ... how simply beautiful and deep this piece is.

You have started the revilution is the mind of anyone who reads this, for even a moment to think on it is a moment used well.

Much light and much peace and much truth to you Zee. I am certainly smiling for you!

Zee ya!

Ingrid said...

I like the last couplet, does that mean we'll have to make sure which mood you're in before any of us visit? hmmm...
nice poem, seriously though. I used to write poetry in Dutch but never ventured doing so in English. Of course, I need not be concerned as one doesn't have to rhyme but still..we like poems (8yr old son and I) especially the one he did for a cultural challenge at school. I should find it and post it..all politics does get to be depressing and we need to feed our souls too,

Zee said...

Ingrid an everyone else for that matter - you are always most welcome to stay and visit.
I promise not to be gloomy and I will definitely take my fingers away from the computer during your presence...

Haider Droubi said...

please come on baord...tell me what do u think....

_z. said...

If I can make the corrolation with the other pictures you posted, that would be the door to your studio... the one you built... where you create your art.
however you are on the outside... looking in. You are in the real world (the banal), looking in to the world of dreams, the world YOU create... and you are calling for revolution...
Step right in zee... go into your world...create, and behold the true revolution.

We are powerless zee... in the real world I mean. We have no power to change, for the better, the absurdity of life... but once we step in (into our world of dreams, art, and creation), it is there where we can make true change... as little as it is... we just hope the ripples would reach and the butterfly effect takes shape.

we are like Beaudelaire's Albatros... mighty and majestic in air, poor and powerless on ground.

we just need to keep on gliding.

take care mate.

_z. said...

... or is that... too much bullshit...

Zee said...

My apologies Haider - just can't muster it up quickly because your question is not "of the shelf bullshit" - the answer is not easy.
Of course the door is the entrance and exit all in one. We all have that door, everyone of us.
On the threshold sits the guardian and asks us which way we wish to go. If we don't give the right answer, the guardian will repel and throw us back with might.

Zee said...

No bullshit from you brother!
" ... create, and thereby form the real revolution"
Those words will stick with me.

Josie said...

Zee, that's a lovely poem. You know, as I read it I realized it has a special meaning for me, for something I am going through right now.

That is what poetry does, isn't it? It becomes personal.

Haider Droubi said...

i agree...

i want y to check my post 'a point of view'

it belongs to a third party...i think u will be intrested in ...


Anonymous said...

The revolution started 2000 years ago. Should we choose to learn of the One who started it, we may have a few questions answered to the bizarre nature of man who chooses to find pleasure and fulfillment in his own wisdom...rather than going to the Source.

calamity said...

i'm here for the first time today and i must tell you your poem has touched me deeply.

Zee said...

Thanks Calamity, I don't know what else to say ....