Friday, October 27

my friends: "oink-oink, nöff, groin-groin, grunz"

Here you see lokal farm animals being fed leftover organic veggies, bread and rolls from the Coop-Farmstore.
Why are pigs my friends? Because political swine's ... they are not!
Politicians on the other hand are dirty and stinky - true swines.
Pigs are a clean bunch if allowed to dwell like that and smell, well just like pigs.
Politicians raise red flags and scream nonsense - true traitors to us piglets.
Pigs only show their pink butt instead, real charming indeed.
Politicians make a lot of noise, and achieve nothing.
And pigs will only grunt, and make no fuss.
I'd rather be a common pig than a political-swine. Sure, there are always exceptions to a rule, there are a few true pigs living as politicians who refuse to become swines ... but those, I can count on three fingers.
List your favorite leaders if you wish, those who have declined to throw swinish mud; Mandela perhaps?


_z. said...

what are you doing up at 5 a.m! you're worst than I am.
For some reason, I am not particularly fond of pigs... I know they are smart, and I know their skin and organism resembles ours the most... but I just never gave them the chance... I should. I am a pig myself.

Zee said...

I woke up at 3AM with a splitting headache _Z.!
Two aspirins and two glasses of water later I went back to bed. I guess it took two hours to get all this done...

Tinkerbell said...

aww..i love pigs..
but you hafta be careful around them..
they've been known to eat people

calamity said...

you take aspirin for a headache? man for me aspirin is like eating candy

palo-girl said...

i don;t particularly like pigs but they look so cute in those pics!

pigs = US =Pigs said...

Hey Bud !

Just read your burp today,7/11...
your quote :"I deleted the last two posts 'cause I couldn't look at the faces anymore" Yea I bet but don't
repeat d o n o t d e l e t e
them pigs...they are so lovely
so true so sober and above all

and I so prefer their sweet ears
and beautiful asses to ur fartface.
Or anybody human for that matter.
Humans are the real animals today
while animals are turning angelic.

Small wonder that dying out as they
are by our making.

Fuck humanity at large...
I want Adolf Uncle Joe Chairman Mao
Attila Dschingis Temudschin Ramses
Nero Commodus etc to come back
preso ! Kill off the odd 5 billion
and quick if you please....

Alas,so far I can only see
the heathen infidel Saladin
following my call to clean up...