Thursday, October 12

not usually

Not usually I post pictures of my own family and also posed like this. Those pictures are quite boring, it is almost as bad as putting up pics of your pets. So why make this exception? Simple, my brother in law is leaving tomorrow and there are some blogger friends out there who actually know each of us in person- so it's for them. Marco is leaving tomorrow and it was a full-filled time, so there ..
Talking about leaving, I will leave next Saturday to tend to my mom in Switzerland. No blog updates during those following ten days.
I'll bring back a bunch of photos and stories though .... don't worry, not from my mom, the family picture book is closed for now.


Tinkerbell said...

I love family photos..posed or not..
I must just be a boring girl..

I've got my big red marker out..
ready to start counting down the days till you come back..

cause I'm going to miss you.

_z. said...

God Speed zee.
take care.

family photos are never boring (to me at least).

Ingrid said...

You know, of what I have seen of your house, inside and out, it looks really 'cozy'. And a fun social gathering place as well as witnessed by your family pictures. I was just thinking the other day about when you were going to leave. I know you had mentioned October so.. Which reminds me to call my mother!! Thanks for sharing this. I sooo need to put some more personal stuff on mine..alongside all the other 'stuff'.. (when will I get my act together? Who knows!) Safe travels Zee! (and Marco)

Franco said...

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Before Sunrise said...

Oh, I love family photos Zee!! I hope that doesn't make me boring ;-)

Lirun said...


i know how you feel..

i resisted for months and segregated my life from my messages but now realise that i almost owe it.. people deserve a bit of perspective.. i reckon at least